Overnight Oats

You know what sucks? When your internet stops working.

Yeah, it really stinks. It’s like I have no idea what to do with myself. Between grad school and blogging, I should have my laptop surgically attached to my body! Our modem has been acting up at home lately and finally yesterday, it just decided to stop working. WAHHHH!! What will I do with myself when I get home from work later today?! Can’t do bloggy things, can’t shop, can’t find more articles for my dissertation, can’t read all of the latest celebrity gossip. Yes my friends, my life is so exciting. I know you’re jealous. I guess until it’s fixed, I will just cook, watch even more garbage tv than I usually do, and maybe read a book (remember those things?!).

But, while I do have access at work and have a few extra minutes, I am going to share my latest breakfast obsession with you. When it comes to breakfast, I MUST have it every morning. Like for real. I HAVE to have breakfast. And during the week especially, I usually just want a bowl of cold cereal. I freaking love cereal. I crave a bowl of cereal every morning. And while I do enjoy oatmeal, it has that whole hot thing going on so it’s not always what I am craving.

Irish Cream No-Bake Cheesecake

No-Bake Irish Cream Cheesecakes

How is next week already St. Patrick’s Day? March is already almost half over! What is happeninggggggg?!

I don’t usually do much to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. But, give me a good excuse to enjoy some Irish Cream and I am totally down! What’s not to love? It’s rich and creamy and just delish!

No-Bake Irish Cream Cheesecakes

I love a good no-bake cheesecake recipe, especially since I don’t consider myself to be the best baker in the world. I’ve made pumpkin, key lime, banana, and even a gingerbread version (AND it’s also possible that I may be working on a no-bake cheesecake e-book for you guys!)!

These No-Bake Irish Cream Cheesecakes are truly one of my favorites though. They are perfectly rich and decadent, and of course, boozy! In addition to the Irish Cream, I also add in melted chocolate for added awesomeness! I prefer Oreo crumbs for the crust, but you can use graham cracker crumbs too!

BBQ Chicken Pizza

I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday! Why is it when you don’t have to go to work, time just flies by?! I’ve been rather unproductive these last couple of days. Aside from me and Hubs cleaning the house and doing lots of laundry, I haven’t accomplished much, but I needed the break!

We love to make homemade pizzas on the weekends in this house. We usually do the same few, but I’ve been getting sick of “the usual”. Back when Hubs and I got married, we had our rehearsal dinner at this amazing pizza place called The Red Grape in Sonoma, CA. It was SO SO good! We had all different types of pizzas and everyone could eat whatever they wanted. One of the pizzas was a BBQ chicken pizza. You’ve heard me say many times now that I am not a big fan of buffalo sauce or BBQ sauce, but I really enjoyed the BBQ pizza! So, this pizza is my own version that was also pretty yumtastic. I really loved the sweet and tangy flavor from the BBQ sauce and the crunch from the red onion! And of course, I covered my pieces in cilantro because, you know…cilantro makes everything better!

Spicy Sausage and Broccoli Pasta

Being a grad student, we don’t usually get “breaks”. The days of enjoying a nice summer vacation or winter break are long gone! This week is spring break and I am thrilled that my advisor told us to take the week off! Although I still have a lot of writing to do this week, not having to get up super early just to get a stupid parking space on campus is going to be wonderful! I am going to sleep in everyday this week and nobody can stop me!!! Ha!

So this onto this pasta…This recipe comes from my sister-in-law and mother-in-law and is in the cookbook my friends and family gave me for my bridal shower (yeah, remember that book?! I haven’t forgotten about it!)! My mother-in-law made this for us when we were visiting over the holidays and it was quite yummy! And as goes with many of the pasta dishes I post, this one can also be pretty versatile. You can change up the protein and you can change up the veggies you use!

Slow Cooker Lemon Rosemary Chicken

One of the things I really hate about North Florida during this time of year is the weather. The pollen just seems to rush in and it gets worse and worse every year! I know it’s here because my car is covered in it! But, the worst part of it is the havoc it wreaks on my sinuses, which in turn, triggers my asthma! Despite all the inhalers, allergy pills, nasal spray, and nebulizer treatments I have been doing, I still can’t seem to stop coughing my lungs out! Needless to say, it’s kind of been a miserable week!

I just realized I said nasal spray in a post about food. Kind of gross, no? Anyway, let’s move on to this here chicken. I’ve had a hankering to pull out my slow cooker and come up with a new recipe. I wanted something light and simple and this chicken fit the bill! It was so tender and just broke apart and the lemon and rosemary gave it such delicious flavor! I also stuck some carrots and potatoes in there. I love one-pot meals like this one!

Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Whoa! Two sweet posts in a row! Kind of crazy for me, but I’m sure y’all aren’t gonna complain about it! I finally got an ice cream maker for Christmas from my Mom and have been dying to use it! While I do love me some ice cream, Hubs and I usually opt for frozen yogurt so I knew I wanted to do yogurt and then I figured that since this was my first attempt at making it, I would start simple!

This dark chocolate frozen yogurt is SO decadent and delicious! Definitely very rich. A little goes a long way here! In fact, next time I might add a little less of the cocoa powder. But, best of all, this frozen yogurt is low in fat and was pretty simple to make! I can’t wait to make more yummy frozen treats!

Dark Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Adapted from All Recipes

Serves 4-6


– 3/4 cup sugar

– 2 tbs. corn starch

– 1 can (12 ounces) fat free evaporated milk

– 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

– 1-2 tbs. special dark cocoa powder*

– 1 tsp. vanilla extract

– 1 cup low-fat plain (or greek) yogurt


1. Combine the sugar and cornstarch in a medium saucepan. Add the evaporated milk, chocolate chips, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Heat over medium heat until the mixture begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and stir in the yogurt. Refrigerate until well-chilled.

2. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

– If you want to make just regular chocolate frozen yogurt, use regular unsweetened cocoa powder instead of the special dark powder.