I’m back with yet another craft for you all today! I started making these yarn wreaths last year and now I can’t stop. They are just too much fun. I want one for every holiday!

Wrapping the yarn can be a little tedious, but I like to do it while I am watching tv or a movie. It’s a relaxing project and they look so cute when you are done! And they are way to cheaper to make than to buy at the store. I spotted some at Target today for $30, these will cost you half of that. And once you stock up on assorted colors of yarn, you only need to buy the wreath each time.

These would also make fun little gifts to give this holiday season!

Ok, here is what you need:

A foam wreath from the craft store. I usually go for the white ones, but my store was out so I just went with a floral green one. The wreaths also come in different sizes. Pick whichever you want. Make sure you get the smooth ones, not the really rough ones. Gosh, I’m so good at explaining this, aren’t I?

Yarn. Lots of yarn. And in lots of colors. Go crazy.


Ribbons, felt, or whatever you want to decorate your wreath with! You can also use flowers or buttons. I have also made felt flowers and used buttons for the middle. Get creative!

Ok, so that’s what you need. A foam wreath, yarn, pins, and ribbon.

First, pick your first color and cut a piece of yarn to your desired length. You can do all of the colors the same length, or you can change it up. There is no wrong way to do this. Place one end of the piece of yarn on the inside of the wreath and pin into place.

Now wrap the yarn around the wreath. You want to try to wrap it so there are no gaps where the foam is showing. After I wrap each time, I push the yarn to the side up against the side where I started wrapping and make it nice and tight. Once you reach the other end, pin that side down.

Now it’s time to move onto your next color. Just like the first color, take one end, pin into place, wrap, pin the other end. Rinse and repeat.

If there are any pieces of yarn sticking out, you can just pin it down. Ok, so after you finish wrapping your yarn, it’s time to decorate! Again, there is no wrong way to do this. I like to wrap mine with ribbon and then from there, I do different things.

Here are two Christmas wreaths I have done:

And because I am way too lazy to go break out my Halloween decorations, here is an Instagram pic I posted of one of my Halloween wreaths.

For the Halloween wreath and the snowman wreath, I bought sheets of felt at the craft store. Cut two equal shapes that I wanted (snowman, ghost, spider, pumpkin). Then I hand stitched around each one about 3/4 of the way around the edges, stuffed cotton balls inside, stitched up the rest. Then I made their faces!

For the Santa one, that is also made with felt, but it was a little kit I spotted at Michaels and I just glued it together.

So, the possibilities are endless! Have fun with it!