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Uncommon Goods

Today I am talking about one of my favorite online retailers, Uncommon Goods! I have been a fan of Uncommon Goods for many years now. If you have never been to their site, I suggest you check them out right this second! Uncommon Goods is one of the first places I go when I need to buy a special gift for someone. Whether it’s jewelry, art, decor, they have so many great choices!

So why do I love Uncommon Goods? Well, for starters, most of their products are handmade by hard-working artists right here in the USA. They also pride themselves on selling environmentally friendly products. For example, a lot of their jewelry is made from recycled materials. I like that they are so supportive of artists because I can find more unusual and unique gifts that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Recently, Uncommon Goods contacted me and asked if they could send me a special gift from their baby gifts! They were so sweet to send their fresh organic fruit basket of toys (click here)! I haven’t actually bought any baby gifts (click here) from them yet so it was super fun to look through all of the cute stuff they have! How adorable are these?

Uncommon Goods

I pretty much died of cuteness and I can’t wait for our baby girl to be able to play with them. The great thing about this toy is that everything is made from organic materials. It was hard to choose, but I think Ms. Grape is my favorite of the bunch.

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

I love Uncommon Goods for finding fun and special jewelry for my family and girlfriends. They have a pretty good range of prices too which is great for gifts. As a food blogger, I am obsessed with pretty much all of their fun dining and entertaining products (click here). They have really fun serving bowls and platters and glasses. Ah! If I were rich, I might just buy it all! They also have a lot of personalized gifts available for their jewelry and art (see here).

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone special or yourself, I can’t recommend Uncommon Goods enough!

Uncommon Goods wants to give one of you the opportunity to win a $25 Gift Card. Enter in the box below:

Disclaimer: Uncommon Goods sent me the baby gift for review. All opinions about Uncommon Goods stated in this post are my own and are based on my personal experience with them over the years.



  1. Need to P/U a baby gift myself. Will definitely check out their products.
    Love the fruit basket. Be well.

  2. There’s no FB “like” button for either site.

    • Hi Karen, you have to use the Promo Simple box to enter. After you enter the required info, it should unlock the bonus entries, once you click those, a blue FB button will appear for you to click and enter your name.

  3. The Ooma Bowl! Crazy but seems like a great idea.

  4. They are so cute and lovely! Can’t blame they’re your favourite!

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