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Hi All! I’m back in the Sunshine State! Well, at least for the next 2 1/2 weeks and then it’s back out to Cali for my B.F.F.’s wedding! As we enjoy the last two days of 2011, I thought I would take a cue from my fellow bloggers and do a quick post to share some of my favorite and most popular posts from 2011. I’ve only been blogging since May, but I am getting close to celebrating 100 posts on Eat. Drink. Love.! I’m so glad that I finally started this blog and I am so thankful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read it! Though I may not always be able to answer every comment you leave, I promise you that I do read them all! I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings!

Ok, so let’s get this Top 10 list started. Picking just 10 recipes was tough, but I’ve made my picks based on both views and searches, and of course, your wonderful comments! And let’s just say that wow, you guys REALLY like desserts! And hey, I don’t blame you, I love them too! I just couldn’t bring myself to actually rank these so they are in no particular order! Here we go!

10. Cheddar Bay Biscuits

Who would have thought a simple biscuit recipe would be so popular? These tasty biscuits are pretty darn close to the famous Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster. This post was in the top 5 most popular on my blog and was also one of the most favorited recipes on TasteSpotting for the month of October!

9. Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting

This was my first time making whoopie pies. Though they came out a little thicker than I had originally wanted, they were still very delicious! I loved this post not only because these were fun to make, but also because it was my first blog giveaway which was so much fun! In fact, I think another giveaway may be coming soon…

8. Homemade Manicotti

While I can’t say this was the most popular post on my blog, it will always hold a special place in my heart as it is probably one of my most favorite family recipes EVER! Once you try making your own shells and sauce from scratch, you won’t want to go back to store bought again!

7. Spicy Cheddar Witch Fingers

Ah, Witch Fingers. If only you guys could have seen me and the Hubs trying to snap these shots. Me, crouched down on the floor with a cooler filled with dry ice and water and the Hubs quickly trying to snap pictures. Oh, and don’t even get me started on getting those fingers to stay in the box! Many curse words were used. Though taking these pictures was not easy, this is easily one of my favorite pictures that I have taken. Oh, and the fingers were also really tasty!

6. Low-Carb Pumpkin Muffins

Despite all the sweets included in this list, I have a passion for developing healthy recipes. As someone who REALLY loves sweets and carbs, trying to find new and healthier ways to enjoy baked goods has been a challenge, but I really enjoy experimenting! These low-carb pumpkin muffins were pretty delicious and also seem to be pretty popular with y’all!

5. Chicken Farfalle with Low-Fat Alfredo Sauce

This alfredo dish was probably one of my husband’s favorite things I have made. He is a big alfredo fan and you guys must be too! I don’t typically like alfredo sauce as it is heavy and doesn’t usually have a lot of flavor, but this sauce is both lower and fat and full of flavor! Win!

4. Apple Spice Cupcakes

These Apple Spice Cupcakes crack me up because when my friend, Amanda and I made the first batch, we totally screwed them up and we were using cake mix as a base! That’s what happens when you try to half a recipe with cake mix. Watch out people! But, we kept on and finally got them to turn out and they were perfectly yummy!

3. Olive and Cream Cheese Penguins

You all really seemed to love these little guys and I can’t say I blame you! Though they were a little tedious to make, they were definitely worth the effort! Just looking at them makes me smile!

2. Brownie Batter Dip

Who would have ever thought beans could replicate brownie batter dip?! Of the sweet dips I have posted, this is by far my favorite! It has such a delicious and rich chocolate taste! The perfect guilt-free taste!

1. Nutella Cupcakes

If I had to rank my posts according to popularity, these Nutella cupcakes would probably still come in first place. They are so easy to make and absolutely fantastic!!

Oh, ok, I know I said this was a Top 10 list, but let’s do one more for good luck!

Cranberry Orange Bars

I gotta give these a shout out because not only were they super yummy, but they were also my first Top 9 on Foodbuzz!

Well kids, there you have it, the Top 10 (erm…11) posts on Eat. Drink. Love. according to you (oh yeah, and me too!)! I hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year’s. Here’s to 2012!



  1. Somehow I am not a dessert person neither is my hubby, so desserts are like once a while and those I make, its given to my colleagues to be enjoyed and the simply enjoyed it.

    I will go for the Cheddar biscuits because it look so savoury and what more with cheese, that one I simply love.

    Happy New Year to you and everyone at home too. God Bless.

  2. All your dishes are amazing… but I have a soft spot for those adorable penguins!!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2012! Have a wonderful, happy and blessed New Year!! All the very best to you in 2012!!! ~ Ramona

  3. I don’t like olives but those penguins are adorable. My husband would love them.

  4. Everything looks lovely! I am all over those nutella cupcakes. YUM!

    Happy New Year!!!

  5. This recap of 2011 does show that you do have some skills when it comes to creating in the kitchen. There is a good variety here also. Thanks for pulling these together-some of these goodies I missed.
    I look forward to seeing your talents in 2012 and thanks for being supportive this year. Happy New Year!

  6. This seriously all looks delicious! It’s clearly been a good year for you lol. Happy 2012!

  7. Looking forward to all the wonderful creations you have in the year to come!

  8. Love this collection! You are such a creative cook and baker. Can’t see what you will share in 2012! Happy New Year from your newest follower!

  9. Excellent features! Happy 2012!

  10. Congratulations on a delicious year! I remember each of those posts! Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2012!

  11. I love your line-up! You had a seriously awesome year in the kitchen. I’ve not made whoopie pies yet and keep saying I will…I think the pumpkin frosting in yours has me convinced it’s time :) Wishing you wonderful things in 2012!

  12. It’s nice to catch up on your top recipes that I’ve missed–the apple spice cupcakes look fabulous!

  13. What a fabulous round up! Wishing you a most happy and delicious 2012!!!! xo

  14. This all looks sooooo good, Steph! Don’t know how I missed the fingers; those are hilarious!

    I hope you have a fantastic 2012. You definitely deserve it. :-)

  15. nice job last year! my favorite are those penquins. I have a huge collection of them never made food out of them though! I just think those are darling~ :) happy new year and thanks for sharing these beautiful entries on cyber land!

  16. Happy New Year Stephanie! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you over the past months and have enjoyed following your wonderful blog. Not sure how you could have narrowed down your favorites with so much to choose from. But I can’t seem to take my eyes off of those nutella cupcakes! I wish you and your family a wonderfully happy and healthy year to come. And I look forward to visiting you often! : )

  17. Brownie dip? How did I miss that one? Clearly you had an awesome year of yummy foods! Wishing you another yummy-food-filled-year!

  18. the cheddar biscuits sound like a great munch and the olive penguins are so cute!
    Lovely round-up Steph!
    Happy New Year!

  19. It looks like you had one tasty 2011, can’t wait to see what the new year brings recipe-wise!

  20. I still cannot get over how cute those penguin bites are! Happy New Year!

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