34 weeks! I thought it was time for a little update to share with you all! It’s definitely a crazy feeling knowing that this baby girl will be here in 6 weeks or less! Sean and I have been having our little freak out moments where we talk about how this is seriously happening so soon. Don’t get me wrong, we are so incredibly excited, but as first time parents, we are also feeling a little nervous. We have to feed her and take care of her. We have to keep her alive. That’s frightening.

So how am I feeling? Definitely uncomfortable at this point. I can feel her getting bigger and running out of room in there. Sleeping is still a struggle for me as I have to get up to pee about 5 times a night. And then every time I get up, I have a few seconds of horrible hip pain and I feel like I am 95 years old. And the fact that we still have over a little month to go and that she is still getting bigger blows my mind because I am seriously wondering how I am going to be able to move around. Feeling her kick around in there is really a crazy feeling while I never tire of feeling her squirming around, some of her jabs hurt pretty bad. Sometimes I wish I could see what’s going on in there! When she starts going crazy, I like to make Sean come and feel because it totally freaks him out! She also gets the hiccups about 3 times a day which cracks me up every time, but then I also feel bad for her because I hate getting the hiccups myself. I’m also getting heartburn more. Tums are my friend.

Are we ready? Um, no! Well, we are mostly ready, but we still have a lot of little things to do. All of the big stuff is done. Her room is almost ready to go, it’s pretty much just decorating at this point which I want to get done, but I am not stressing over. It’s not like she is going to remember that I didn’t have a picture hanging in that one spot on the wall! This is not to say that I don’t have the nesting thing going on. I totally do. My favorite thing to do when I get home from work is to just go sit in the recliner in her room and just stare at everything like a total weirdo. Actually, it’s also because we just really love the recliner we got and we just like to ask each other, “have you sat in THE chair today?” Again, total weirdos, I know.

Third Trimester Update

I’ve washed all of the clothes she will need (or at least, that I think she will need) for the first month. Blankets, towels, and bedding have also been washed. I also love just looking at all of her little clothes all folded and organized. I still need to wash and sterilize bottles and we still need to install the car seat and put together the stroller, but we plan do to that this weekend. I want to be pretty much ready to go by 36 weeks just in case!

We are finally taking our birthing class this weekend. We opted for a one-day, all-day class as opposed to 4 weeks of night classes. I’m sure it will be a long day and I’m hoping I won’t leave feeling like I want to cry from being so overwhelmed.

Food! Aside from a nightly glass of milk (sometimes regular, sometimes chocolate), I’m still not having any major cravings though I have noticed that I have been wanting more carbs the last few weeks and I assume this is because she is really sucking up my energy because I have also been feeling exhausted similar to how I felt in the first trimester. I will happily eat more carbs if that is what she wants though! I’m also feeling more thirsty and my drink of choice is La Croix sparkling waters. I love them because plain regular water can get to be a little old and I don’t want to drink too much sugar or caffeine so there are not a lot of options. I’m loving the passion fruit and berry flavors though. Cannot stop drinking them.

I’ve also gotten started on making some things for the freezer. I’ve made lots of tomato sauce and froze it in different size containers, some lasagna, and soup. I plan to do more soups and enchiladas too. What do you guys suggest?

Oh, so the hospital bag…what do I pack?! I want to start on that this weekend too. I’ve been reading list after list and have started buying some of the things I will need to have, but I’d love to hear suggestions from you moms out there! I don’t want to pack things I don’t need. Help!