A funny thing happens when you reach the nesting phase of pregnancy. It’s not just the baby’s room that I want to get organized and perfect, it’s the entire house. It’s that bit of dust on the baseboards. It’s that disorganized closet.

Or, it’s my nightmare of a pantry. The pantry has been driving me crazy for months now. It’s a disaster. Everything is just tossed on the shelves and it’s no longer organized like I first set it up. Or, I should be saying, my pantry was a disaster because I finally got it organized thanks to my friends at OXO!

It’s POPtober and OXO and The Container Store challenged bloggers to reorganize our pantries. The timing was perfect for me as it’s been on my to-do list for so long. I talk a lot about OXO products on this blog because they are really one of my favorite brands. Everything is such good quality and they have so many neat tools. I was super excited to try out their POP Containers and they sent me the nicest package! I’m also a huge fan of The Container Store. If you have never been, it’s an neat freak’s dream come true. A whole store dedicated to being organized!

POPtober Challenge

So let’s talk about the POP Containers really quickly. First, I was really pleased with the quality of the containers and lids, both feel really sturdy. I love the way the containers open and close too, it’s so easy as you just hold down the button to lock and push it back up to unlock, hence the POP! I also like that they containers are stackable as I don’t have a ton of space.

POPtober Challenge

Here is the “before” photo of my pantry:

POPtober Challenge

A complete disaster, right?! Boxes of half empty pastas and a gazillion plastic bags. Seriously, I have a bag problem. I open something and then toss it in a zip bag and throw it in the pantry, which has made it impossible for me to find anything. The biggest issue with my pantry was that top shelf. That’s where I have all of my pasta, rice, grains, and baking supplies and all of the baggies! Ahhhh! It was so disorganized.

When I first opened the package from OXO and saw all of the containers, I kept thinking, “oh, I don’t need all of these.” I was so wrong. Once I started organizing, I used every single one and am now thinking I might need to go get more!

Here is the “after” photo:

POPtober Challenge

I mostly used the containers on the top shelf for pasta, rice, flour, sugars, and other baking supplies like some of my chocolate chips. I love the way that shelf looks now. I can actually find what I am looking for! I was also not sure how so many containers would save me space, but I was also wrong about that because I was able to get rid of so many boxes and bag in the process. The containers definitely helped me use the space more efficiently. I forgot to mention this above, but I also received some of the OXO cereal containers and those also came in handy and I love that they will help keep our cereal nice and fresh!

And now is your chance to win a prize pack worth $500 which includes your choice of $250 worth of OXO Storage and Organization Tools AND $250 Elfa gift card from The Container Store!

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by OXO and The Container Store. I received the storage containers to use to reorganize my pantry. All opinions stated in this post are my own.