Skinny Bitch Tuesday: Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas

Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas

It’s Skinny Bitch Tuesday! Today is our last day in Cleveland. Tomorrow morning, we head to Montreal because I have a conference for work. I’m sad to leave family, but it’s time to get back down to business!

For today’s Skinny Bitch post, Jennifer chose the Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas. You know I love Mexican food so I was pretty excited to make these enchiladas! I made them the day before I was heading out of town so my creative juices were not flowing and I just made the recipe as it is in the cookbook. I thought these enchiladas were really good. Just the right amount of spice!

I only have one complaint about this recipe. The sauce. It’s tasty, but I found it to be too thick and by the time I took my enchiladas out of the oven, they were a little dry. I think they would taste better if the sauce were thinner. I would definitely make these again, but I think I will try adding some tomato sauce to thin out the sauce a bit.

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Happy Friday! I can’t believe it’s already Friday! This week just flew by. I feel like we just got to Cleveland, but we’ve already been here for a week. Fifteen days seems like a long visit, but once you start scheduling days to see all of your family and friends, it seems like there aren’t actually enough days and we are running around like crazy!

On Tuesday, we went to an Indians game. My husband really wanted to go since the Indians were playing the Angels (where he is from). I was very pleased though when he went and bought an Indians hat. I asked him if he is sure that he wants to be a Cleveland fan. Being a Cleveland sports fan is often very painful. It’s a love-hate relationship. We can’t help but love our teams, but they always seem to disappoint us!

It started to pour which led to a rain delay. Then, it cleared up and the game started back up. Then in the 9th inning with just two outs to go, it started to pour again. We wanted to stick it out because there was supposed to be fireworks after the game. Oh, and quick sidenote: Let me just tell you guys, don’t bring your Coach bag to a game when it’s supposed to rain. I didn’t really care if I got wet, but not my poor Coach babies…

Finally the game finished up and the Indians did not disappoint us AND we got our fireworks!

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

Alright, so how about these strawberry cheesecake popsicles? Well, they are pretty darn good. My picky husband said that they weren’t really popsicles because they had a creamy texture. Really?! Whatever. What does he know anyway?!

Strawberry Cheesecake Popsicles

I thought they were pretty good and they really couldn’t be easier to make! You can use regular whipped topping and cream cheese, or you can go for the reduced fat versions. I like these popsicles because it’s almost like eating some ice cream, but much easier to make and a little healthier!

Summer Sangria

Summer Sangria

Today me and the hubs are on the road. First, we are headed to Cleveland, my hometown…via car…yeah, I know, we’re crazy like that. But, we also have to go to Montreal as I have a conference to go to there so it will be nice to have a car. I’m so excited to spend time with my family there that I haven’t seen for a year! I’m not looking forward to the really long drive though. My husband has trained me well for long drives as we have driven from Florida to California a number of times now. Oi. I know.

Today, I have a fun and easy sangria recipe for you all that is perfect for your 4th of July BBQ! I’ve told you already how much I love me some sangria! My grocery store had a sale on strawberries and when I spotted a container packed with beautiful and perfect strawberries, I knew sangria just had to be made! Seriously, wine-soaked strawberries are freaking awesome!

Summer Sangria

You could also add some raspberries if you want to keep with the red, white, and blue theme! With all the fruit and triple sec, I thought this sangria was plenty sweet, but if you want add more sweetness, add some simple syrup.

Skinny Bitch Tuesdays: Chive and Dill Biscuits

Chive and Dill Biscuits

Today I am thankful for not being washed away by tropical storm Debby. We apparently were in the “bad” area and it literally rained alllllll day yesterday and it’s supposed to continue all day today and into tomorrow. The storm is just sitting above us. We get a lot of rainy afternoons in Florida during the summer. I love a good rain storm. However, I only like it when I am home. In sweatpants, laying on the couch, watching tv, or reading a book, taking a nap, etc. Being out in the pouring ran just blows. This tropical storm has reminded me of a few important lessons:

1. Wear close-toed shoes. Even if you live in FL, don’t wear flip flops. Especially ones that are made of leather or that have a slippery bottom so that when you are walking, the flip flop slides right off your foot and you find yourself walking without a shoe on the cold, dirty ground and you almost slip and fall and sprain your ankle for the 15th billionth time.

2. Wear capri pants or roll up the bottom of your jeans. Nothing is worse than when you step in a huge puddle and your pants get all wet. And then you get super cranky because it feels weird when your pants are all wet on the bottom. It’s gross and I hate it. So much.

3. Don’t drive like a dumb fool. If a truck is trying to pull into a driveway, slow down. First, it’s a truck. Of course, it needs to slow down in order to turn into the driveway. Also, it’s raining cats and dogs. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t be all up on a truck’s arse so when the truck slows to turn, guess what happens? Yeah. BAM! Right into the back of the truck, trashing your car. (Don’t worry, this did not happen to me, but I witnessed it while getting gas).

and finally, 4. In a tropical storm or hurricane, umbrellas are totally useless.

There, I hope you learned something. Ok, now onto the food. Welcome to the second installment of Skinny Bitch Tuesdays!

This week Claire chose the Chive and Dill Biscuits. It was a great choice. Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? These biscuits were pretty easy to throw together and made a great side with some soup I made for lunch the other day. I made a few changes to the original recipe. First, the recipe called for 8 tablespoons of butter. I wanted to cut down on that, so I swapped half of the butter for Greek yogurt. I also used buttermilk instead of regular milk and I used some whole wheat flour.

I did have one issue making these. I found the dough to be very, very sticky. I ended up having to knead in some extra flour in order to be able to work with the dough. My recommendation is to either add some additional flour or perhaps cut down on some of the milk. Pour about half in and see how the dough feels. My biscuits also did not rise very much. I’m not sure if I overworked the dough or if they are supposed to be flatter. However, despite my problems with the dough, the biscuits tasted really good and I would make them again!

Lemon Honey Goat Cheese Spread

Lemon Honey Goat Cheese Spread

Why is goat cheese so fantastic? I mean, honestly, I want to smear it on everything. Omelets, sandwiches, bread, pasta, crackers, a spoon, my finger, etc…

If you love cheese as much as I do, boy, do I have a treat for you today! I was recently contacted by Daelia’s Biscuits for Cheese, a new company that creates delicious crackers for cheese pairings!

Lemon Honey Goat Cheese Spread

They asked me to come up with a cheese recipe to go with their crackers. You know I had to accept this challenge! Imagine my excitement when I received this box of goodies!

Lemon Honey Goat Cheese Spread

I received three different kinds: almond and raisin, hazelnut and fig, and pumpkin and rye. Daelia’s provides a list of cheeses that pair with each biscuit. I knew I wanted to do something with goat cheese! So, I whipped up a quick spread with lemon and honey mixed in! It was suggested that goat cheese pairs well with the almond raisin biscuits. Boy, were they right about that! First, the biscuit is slightly sweet, very similar to a biscotti cookie! Then you get a hint of black pepper which gives it a nice little kick! And paired with the sweet goat cheese spread, it was perfection!

I also paired the goat cheese spread with the hazelnut and fig biscuits, which for me, was my fave hands down of the three flavors! I also enjoyed the pumpkin and rye biscuits and I don’t even like rye! Though, this one did not pair so well with the goat cheese spread I made.

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

Today is a celebration.

Ok, well, actually, May 19th should have been the celebration, but that pesky dissertation I have been working on got in the way of all the fun! I know, how terrible am I? But, better late than never, right?! So without further ado…

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear bloggyyyyyy! Happy Birthday to you!

Yeah, Eat. Drink. Love. is 1 year old! Starting this blog was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I had wanted to start one for years and I finally decided to just do it! This blog has become more than I thought it ever would and I am so thankful for each and every one of you who stop by to read my rants and recipes! Here’s to another great year of fun!!

I made these Chai Cupcakes for my friend and labmate, Melissa. Melissa defended her dissertation today and cupcakes were definitely in order! I’ve been holding onto this recipe just for her because like myself, she loves chai tea lattes! I don’t consider myself the best baker, but I was happy with how these turned out! The cake was very moist and not too sweet. It almost tastes like banana or pumpkin bread (even though there is no banana or pumpkin in the recipe). Hand me anything chai-flavored and I am a happy girl!!

Happy Birthday, Bloggy! And Congrats Dr. Melissa!