After looking at pageviews and pins, one thing has been made very clear to me: You guys loved the brownie batter dip I made a few months ago. And seriously, I don’t blame you! It’s SO good! So lately I have been trying to think about what new cookie dip I could make next…oatmeal cookie dough dip!

As a chocoholic, brownie batter dip will always have my heart, but I have to say this oatmeal cookie dip is pretty amazing. And as always, it’s made with beans! Shhhh, don’t tell your friends! The oats in this dip give it a nice chewy texture just like an actual oatmeal cookie. Since I wanted to keep this healthy, I ate mine with cut up strawberries and bananas (omg, the bananas were so good with it!), but you could also eat it with graham crackers, animal crackers, or vanilla wafers. But, seriously, it was so good, I was just eating it with a spoon last night! If the beans totally freak you out, swap them out for fat-free/reduced fat cream cheese!

Oatmeal Cookie Dough Dip

Adapted from brownie batter dip

Serves 4-6


– 1 can white beans, drained and rinsed (I used northern beans)

– 2/3 cup brown sugar*

– pinch of salt

– 2 tsp. vanilla extract

– 1 tsp. cinnamon

– 1/2 cup rolled or quick oats

– 1/4 cup nut butter

– 2-3 tbs. skim or soy milk

– 1/2 cup raisins (optional)


1. Combine all ingredients (except raisins) in a food processor or blender. Process until the mixture is smooth. Stir in the raisins. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

– If you want to make this sugar-free, you can swap out the sugar for Splenda or Stevia (granular or drops). You can also sweeten this using honey or agave. Whatever suits your diet/tastes best!