1. Guys, it rained! It really rained! It rained for more than 3 straight hours which for me qualifies it as a rainy day. Oh, and it was only 73 degrees. It was glorious! So glorious that I finally felt like it was the right time for my first pumpkin chai of the season. Too bad it won’t last!

2. This. I think I just died of nostalgia.

3. I’m starting to get really excited for all of my TV shows to come back! Which ones will you be watching? I think there’s too many for me to count.

4. This tote is my new favorite thing ever.

5. My life has been destroyed by allergies these last two weeks. Last night I was coughing so much, I almost had an asthma attack. My usual inhaler and sinus spray is not cutting it. Any recommendations?

6. I saw this list floating around Facebook the other day. Every item on it is absolutely true. The one thing they forgot to add is that everything that happens in life can somehow be tied to Friends. EVERYTHING.

7. The other day I went into my pantry to try to find a can of broth and it took about 10 minutes because my pantry looks like a bomb went off and I can’t stand it anymore. And then I found some spilled bread crumbs and totally freaked out that there might be bugs. If one of you wants to come organize it for me, that would be great.

8. I only have 4 more days left in my 20’s. 4 days. That’s it.

9. My husband and I keep going to bed earlier and earlier, like 9pm. No joke, just a year ago we were going to bed at 1am. And even though we spend the entire night watching TV shows on Netflix, we go upstairs and then have to “wind down” by watching more TV. Mostly House Hunters.



  1. I’m a major allergy sufferer and this is the first year I haven’t been completely miserable. have you tried Allegra? it has worked amazingly for me, but my doctor said it can take up to two weeks for it to fully kick in. and don’t bother with Allegra-d because I finally found that it has a really bad bounce back effect. since its my first year without the “d” I’ve been super impressed with the difference it made. And I have also tried singulair since it helps with allergies and asthma! I hope you feel better!!!

  2. I just turned 29 but I have been going to bed at 9 for years. Cheers for pumpkin spice coffee drinks. They always put me in a good mood.

  3. Glad it rained for you… and cooled down. I can only imagine how nice the rain must feel when you live in the desert. Since school has started here, I am trying to get the kids to bed earlier.. than means I go to bed earlier too. I have never watched Mousehunters… but I am watching the whole season of a show I missed last year called Elementary. It’s a pretty good Crime drama… if you are into that thing. :)

  4. Ugh, my allergies are on a rampage this season as well. I’m just downing the Zyrtec and trying to stay awake from antihistamines. Looking forward to chillier temps and less nose-blowing!

  5. So happy it rained for you :) We had a wonderful week of rain, and now it’s crazy hot all week again, I put away my fans too soon :P My last year in my 20s comes to a close later this year…let me know how the transition goes ;) Hope it’s a happy happy birthday!

  6. Oh, I love West Elm; what a great tote! Hey, the more sleep the better – I’m sleeping as MUCH as possible these days ;)

  7. Happy Birthday! It just gets better and better!

  8. Love your nibblies. Wow, I can’t believe the rain you got! The pumpkin chai is perfect for a rainy day!! My pantry looked like a bomb went off in it, so I cleaned it last weekend! I donated a lot of food that I know I won’t consume to my co-workers, since they eat everything! lol Four days of your 20’s, you are a young one!! Happy early birthday and now don’t party to hard over the weekend!!

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