1. We’re already on season 3 of Mad Men. I like it, but the men on this show are just all pigs. I don’t feel sorry for Don Draper at all. He’s a punk ass. That is all.

2. What did you guys think of the season finale of How I Met Your Mother? I keep reading that people are disappointed in who the mother is, but I like her and I think she’s cute.

3. Tiramisu brownies. Do I even need to say anything else?

4. I know it’s super annoying how I keep talking about how damn hot it is here, but really, it’s awful and it’s just going to keep getting hotter and hotter! It’s so dry and I think my body is still trying to adjust. I feel like I need to drink gallons and gallons of water. I need one of those big water coolers in my office.

Blueberry Lemonade

5. Or I might just keep making pitchers of this blueberry lemonade.

6. I really miss rain. It’s one of the things I miss most about Florida (aside from family and friends). I miss thunderstorms with lots of thunder. Stupid desert.

6. Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially taken over our house. This is the most hockey I have watched since I my husband and I started dating 7 years ago. I decided that I want to be a good wife this time and actually watch some of these games. What time we go to the grocery store on Saturdays is totally dependent on what time the games are. This is serious business.

7. Candy Crush. Oh Candy Crush. I’ve gotten the point where the levels are actually getting to be really tough and while I want to curse when all my lives are gone, I also know it’s for the best, otherwise, I would never stop. Not ever.

8. Have you ever thought about how most vacations aren’t really ever a vacation? Family visiting, or you visit family, or you go somewhere and you have to be the tourist and by the time you get home, you feel like you need another vacation. I need a real vacation. The kind where I don’t have to do anything for a week.  We always joke that we want a cruise that is just a bunch of sea days where you don’t get off and the only thing you have to worry about is sleeping and eating. That’s what I want.



  1. Haha I had no idea how I met your mother ended! Holy cow!

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. Last time it was that hot around here my three year old sighed “I’m sooo bored of hot” and it was enough to keep a smile on my face.

  3. I am so looking forward to having one of these when I go back to the heat of DC!

  4. I am really wishing I had a bowl full of this granola right now. It looks tasty!

  5. I’m not disappointed with who the mother is, I am just more surprised that it isn’t someone famous. I figured since we waited 9 seasons, it’d be a face I’d recognize. Now I hear that the whole last season will be the wedding weekend! A whole season for a wedding weekend seems like a lot.

    PS: That blueberry lemonade looks fantastic!!!

  6. I totally agree with you on how at the end of most vacations you feel like you need another vacation to recover. A few years ago my husband and I went on a cruise and only got off at 1 stop. It was so relaxing!

  7. I haven’t seen the finale of HIMYM yet… I guess I need to go watch it!!!

    And Tiramisu Brownies? um, YUM!

    I am glad I found you via Bakeaholic Mama :)

  8. I am such a rain person too – one week without it and I miss it. People think I’m crazy, so I was happy to hear you’re in the same crazy boat :) Hope you get some rain in the desert soon.

  9. I love How I Met Your Mother! They ended it like they did because they don’t know if it’s coming back next year. I hope it does!! The weather here in N. CA is weird! It was almost 100 last weekend and today it rained and is super windy and only 70. I heard 90’s by next week! I don’t mind the rain, but prefer the sunshine any day, however I know living in Phoenix I can only imagine wishing for rain and a tad cooler weather!

    • It is coming back next year for one last final season! I read an interview with the writers that once they knew they were getting one more season, they wanted to just give us a quick peek at the mother. I’m glad they did because I was thinking that if we had to wait one more long season to find out, I as going to pull my hair out!

    • Awesome! So glad it will be back for one more year!! You made my night!! I love that show and Robin and Barney are such a cute couple!

  10. Just wait til monsoon season!! I promise you will get your thunderstorms! And why is the latest season of HIMYM not on Hulu???? YOU KNOW WHO THE MOM IS???? I WANT TO KNOW!!!

  11. Ugh Candy Crush! I decided to see what all the fuss was about a couple of weeks ago. Big mistake! I’m obsessed now!!!

  12. How I wish I am your neighbor so i can always get this granola every time you prepare it.

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