1. I was away in Seattle last weekend for a conference for work. It was cold and rainy and with being so sick, I didn’t get to get out and explore which made me really sad! Being in the cold and rain was a really nice little break from the heat in Phoenix. I think I could happily live in Seattle!

2. We have this neighbor and every night, whether it be a weekend or a weeknight, he starts blasting music with loud bass or he watches a loud movie. My husband and I are actually like 90 years old and it drives us nuts. But at the same time, I just can’t believe how some people could be so inconsiderate of others. We live in a townhome and there are a lot of college kids in the complex because we are so close to campus. I can’t believe how loud some of them play music, especially on a weeknight! One night the people in the building across from us just opened their balcony doors, just left them wide open and started playing REALLY loud rap music. With all the lovely curse words. I wanted to go and throw eggs through their door. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!

3. The Following. This will contain spoilers so stop reading if you do not want to know what happened on this week’s episode! Obviously, I am still watching this show. It’s like a train wreck. I just can’t look away. First, every FBI agent on this show needs to go back and get trained again. WHY is it on every episode when they supposedly have a building surrounded, it always ends up being just one agent chasing after someone?! WHERE ARE THE OTHER AGENTS?! Worst FBI ever.

Ugh, and then let’s talk about how stupid Claire is. She has now had multiple opportunities to kill Joe and she keeps stabbing him in the stomach. Clearly she did some damage, but in the episode this week, she just goes right back for the same spot. She had him! She could have stuck that fork or a knife in his neck. COME ON, CLAIRE!! Then Claire and the nice couple get away and there is still daylight outside. The scene cuts away and comes back and apparently, they have been running for at least an hour because it is now pitch black outside and yet they have only managed to get as far as the street…

And Jacob, don’t even get me started…The people on this show are just so stupid!!

Ok, thank you for letting me rant about The Following. I feel better now. We can move on…

Cookie Dough Cake

4. I made this chocolate chip cookie dough cake for my husband’s birthday last week. I was too sick to eat any and then a few days later, my husband caught the same bug. Luckily we froze a huge chunk of it. It seriously is the best cake that has ever happened on this earth!

5. Remember in my last Nibblies post when I told you that I couldn’t stop breaking things? Well, I still can’t stop breaking things. Since that last post, I have broken another mug, a bowl, a tea bag holder, and another glass. I should not be allowed to have things.

6. With the exception of Game of Thrones and my trashy TV on Bravo, it looks like most shows are coming to an end next week. Summer for us means watching new shows on Netflix. I think we are going to start with Mad Men (I know, this is SO overdue!) and Breaking Bad. What do you recommend?

7. Speaking of Game of Thrones, have you guys seen this? Every week, they do a recap of the episode, but it’s all written as if the entire episode happened on Facebook. It makes me so happy.

8. Um, this? I can’t even talk about it.

9. It’s getting dangerously close to being triple digits here in Phoenix. I am not ready for this. Someone please come and stick a permanent air conditioner on me.