1. My diploma finally came in the mail. I know that I actually graduated, I know it happened, I was there. But, this piece of paper is like, ok, yes, it’s over. I’m Dr. Stephanie. My dad said he wouldn’t believe that I really graduated until he saw the diploma. So, there you go, Dad. Booya.

2. The Following. Are you watching it? I really want to like it, but the story is just getting to be so incredibly stupid. I know, there is a fake element to every tv show, but there is a limit. Ok, so we are supposed to believe that a man who has killed over 14 people can have free and unmonitored access to the internet and has managed to convince people to follow him…on the internet?! Oh, and all these random visitors show up to chat with him in prison AND nobody is monitoring the conversations. They are all sitting there and there are guards and none of are ever like, “Uhhh, these people are talking about killing people and making plans”?! Totally normal. The writing seems sloppy to me. It’s like they don’t really know where this is all going so at any time, they can make any character “a follower.” My husband and I are waiting for the day when the wife reveals herself to be a follower. If and when that happens, I am really done with this show. I’ll keep watching to see if the writers can surprise me, but this show is disappointing to me. And how will it last multiple seasons? They can’t carry on with this story for very long.

3. I know so many of you have been getting slammed with snow lately and you will probably want to slap me for saying this, but I do not want it to get hot out. It’s been pretty nice here in Phoenix. We’ve had days in the low 60’s, 50’s, and colder at night and I love it. It’s going to be in the 80’s this weekend. I am not ready for Phoenix heat. I’m a fall and winter kind of gal. I don’t want to live in a blizzard, but I don’t want it to be super hot. I’m not done with winter clothes yet. I still have things with tags. So, don’t be in such a hurry, Phoenix weather. Apparently it “snowed” last week. I totally missed this. Wahhhhh.

4. I go to bed entirely too late. Like, right now, I should be sleeping. But no, I am not. I am writing this post. And then after I finish it, we will go upstairs and will turn on reruns of Friends on Nick at Nite. Oh, and it totally doesn’t help that they also started showing Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV Land. So, after we watch an episode of that, then we turn off the lights and have “talk time”. Talk time could be about anything. Like, things that happened during the day, stories we read, or sometimes my husband starts talking about space, which really overwhelms me and I get all worked up about it. So then I only get like 5 hours of sleep and I wake up for work and I hate myself.

5. On that note, there should be mandatory nap breaks during the work day. If I ever run for President, this is happening so vote for me, k?

5. I am obsessed with the spring line of jewelry at Coach. I will take one of everything, please. K, thanks.

6. I saw this photo on Pinterest the other day and this is truly the story of my life. Like earlier tonight when I was making some brownies for a potluck party tomorrow, the kitchen looked like a bomb went off. My husband says I have turned into a slob. Unless it’s a cookie, I am a total disaster when it comes to baking. Especially when powdered sugar is involved. Total. disaster. A hazmat crew needs to be brought in. I’m not even kidding.



  1. Congrats on that Diploma my friend, looks so official :D


  2. Wow, Stephanie…What an amazing accomplishment. You have so much to be proud of… Well done! I know you’ll be getting a spectacular frame for that beautiful piece of paper. :)

  3. Congratulations on getting your diploma! I remember getting your e-mail in the summer when you graduated, I was in Vegas, and I was so excited for you! :) 80’s this weekend for you! Awesome! It’s been in the 60’s – 70’s here in California and I think middle 70’s this weekend! Yah! I am so ready for spring! Have a great day!!

  4. Congrats,,,,let celebrate again with great foods that you created,once again congratulation Dr,stephanie :)

  5. Congrats on your diploma!! I missed the snow too :( It only happens like very 10 years and I never end up seeing it!

  6. Congrats, Stephanie! That’s such an awesome accomplishment.
    I’m the same way with going to bed too late and totally cracked up when I got to “talk time” in your post because we do the same thing. And by “we,” I mean, I unwind and talk about my day while does his best to stay awake.

  7. Congratulations on your diploma, Dr. Stephanie! That’s a huge achievement!!! :)

  8. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And, sadly…we are starting to feel the same way about The Following.

  9. Agreed on The Following! I loved the 1st episode, but have been losing interest every since.

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  11. How good does it feel to be finished? I can’t wait until I get that piece of paper; it will be like a weight lifted off of me. Congrats, Dr. Stephanie!

  12. Hooray!!! Congratulations, Stephanie!!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Stephanie!

  14. Congrats! I am just interviewing for my clinical psych phd programs now! Eeek! Good to know graduation will happen… someday!

  15. Oh my! The Following is ridiculous — but in that, this show is amazing kind of way. The stuff that happens, even though he’s in jail, is completely plausible! You serioulsy haven’t heard of contraband? Do you know how many people in prison have internet access through cell phones illegally smuggled in? Do you not think there are corrupt prison guards? Dare I remind you of the recent article of the prison guard impregnated by an inmate. *gasp*

    • Oh, I know there is corruption, but I’m mostly talking about visitation. First, all conversations are monitored and recorded. These people are sitting there talking about killing people and making plans and nobody seems to think this is strange. Also, there’s really no way a notorious serial killer would be able to get all these random visitors. Are we supposed to believe that everyone that works in that prison is corrupted? Then you have these three weak people, and even though the house is completely surrounded by police, FBI, SWAT, whatever…all three of them get away? I just think it is ridiculous. Every episode is just, okay, who is going to reveal themselves this time? And this is going to go on and on? I know they have to do these things to keep the show going, and I love the premise, but it seems like this would have done better as a movie. It seems like the only way that they can really keep this show going is just to have people turn whenever it seems convenient and this is very predictable to me and lacks real creativity.

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