1. Valentine’s Day (actually we prefer to call it ValentiMe’s Day). We don’t like to go all crazy about it, but we had fondue…all three courses…the cheese, meatses, and the chocolate. If you have been reading my blog, you may have noticed that we eat fondue for like every special holiday. You have to have a good excuse to stuff yourself with ridiculous amounts of bread and cheese. I’m so full right now, I might die.

2. Let’s talk about Downton Abbey for a sec. Actually, I really just want to talk about Lady Edith. On last week’s episode, we saw that Edith went to London to meet with her editor for the newspaper she is now working for. As soon as she gets there, her much older editor hits on her and you just know she got all warm and fuzzy over it. Seriously? This is now the third, much older, and totally inappropriate man she has gone for. First, there was the married farmer. Then the nice, but really old guy, and now, her boss who is still married to some lady who is in a mental institution. Somebody needs to help a sister out because homegirl just doesn’t get it. Patti Stanger needs to get in there and give her an intervention. Or maybe we can get her on Match.com. Oh, and this might be one of the best things I have ever seen.

3. Oh, and have you noticed on how the show, the married ladies get to eat breakfast in bed? I’d like to get this going in my house (Husband, are you listening?!).

4. You are probably going to notice a pattern in these Nibblies posts. Lots of TV talk. This is because I have no life.

5. Speaking of TV, let’s also talk about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am finally caught up. Taylor is a little pot stirrer this season. She is also a drunk. I think it’s time for her to go.

6. I’m having a major contact lens issue. I don’t know if it is because my body is trying to adjust to living in a drier climate or what, but I have been back and forth to my eye doctor about 10 times now and have tried about 20 different contacts and I can’t wear any of them. The best so far is a pair that I can wear until about 2pm and then I need to rip them out. The contacts I have been wearing for years are still the best, but they get very dry when I am on the computer for a long time. And well, between my job and blogging, I am on the computer all day long. My doctor says I just might not be able to wear contacts anymore and that I need to get Lasik. I have really wanted to get Lasik for a while, but there’s that whole money thing!

7. As I am getting closer to the big 3-0, I have noticed I am getting horrible dark circles. Part of it is lack of sleep, but what do I do?!! I need product recommendations.

8. I haven’t been loving my Birchboxes lately. I still haven’t gotten my box for February, but if they don’t get it right this time, I might be done. I’ve been thinking about joining Glossybox instead. I know it’s more expensive, but if the products are better, then it is worth it. Do you have it? Tell me your thoughts!

9. OH, and YOU MUST see this video! Seriously, I die.