1. When I wake up in the morning these days, I am usually starving. So for breakfast, I have an epic bowl of cereal. And I mean embarrassingly epic. My husband makes fun of me every morning for this. The bowl is pretty much filled to the top and then there is a pile of blueberries on top. I mostly just eat plain Special K so it could be worse, right?!

2. I am really looking forward to fall tv starting back up. We’ve been in a tv rut. We tried watching Doctor Who on Netflix, but just aren’t feeling it. Too many robots. We got to the middle of season 2 (starting from 2005) and just can’t get into it. I know so many people rave about it, but am I missing something?


3. Anybody who says pregnancy brain is not a real thing is totally wrong because I have it so bad. I have been doing some seriously stupid things like putting the dishwasher detergent in the fridge, starting a load of laundry, but forgetting to close the lid so it never actually runs, or sending an envelope in the mail, but forgetting to seal the envelope.

4. Did you guys catch the 12-day Simpsons marathon? I was never a big fan of the show, but my husband watched a lot of the earlier seasons and so we tried to watch them. I don’t think the tv went off that channel for 12 days.

5. I know it’s only early September, but it’s already taking everything I have not to go to Pier 1 to start shopping for Halloween decorations. Yes, I realize some of you might think I am crazy, and you are so right.

6. Now that college classes have started back up again, all the college kids are back on campus and I have gone back to fearing for my life while walking around campus. I have never seen so many bikes and skateboards in my life. Yesterday I watched a girl on a bike clip a guy on the arm that was walking which then caused her to run into a stop sign and fall off her bike. I fear that I am next.

7. Speaking of the semester starting, ASU also decided to place a Starbucks truck literally right outside my office building. If it wasn’t for being pregnant and wanting to avoid caffeine and too much sugar, I would be both broke and have the caffeine shakes every single day.

8. I almost set the house on fire last night. I had some of my Parmesan Baked Chicken in the oven and when I went to pull out the rack, the pan went sliding back and fell in the back of the oven and the parchment paper lit on fire. I shouldn’t be allowed to do things.



  1. I totally feel for you. I am completely forgetting or doing stupid things all of the time now. I bought a gallon of completely wrong colored paint. My exact words to my husband were ” you cannot trust me with anything right now. just don’t”

  2. Haha, pregnancy brain is absolutely a thing – glad your house didn’t catch fire though :)

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