1. We are still recovering from being sick. This last week has been a huge blur and although I finally got myself back to the office, we finished the bottle of Tussin and now I don’t know what to do with myself.

2. I hate how when you’re sick and you lose your appetite (and ability to taste), but then you start feeling better and you want to eat, but you don’t have the energy to actually do the cooking. I also don’t have the energy to go grocery shopping.

3. So we live pretty close to the Phoenix airport and are in the flight path, but we’re not so close that it’s actually something that bothers us on a daily basis. However, this past Saturday night while we were laying on the couch, we heard a plane that sounded like it was flying so low, it was incredibly loud and it lasted a long time. I legitimately got freaked out and thought this plane was going to crash into our house. I jumped up from the couch screaming, “something is wrong!” and bolted for the garage. I don’t know why the garage, but that’s where I went. Where is the best place to seek cover when you think a plane is going to crash into your house? I’m seriously asking this.

4. The Olympics are starting this week and while I really like watching certain events like ice skating, I’m really just mad that Parenthood won’t be on these next few weeks.

5. 24. OMG when they showed this trailer during the Super Bowl commercials, I just about died with excitement. Like holy crap, Chloe’s hair is out of control. I love it. Is it May 5th yet? I seriously don’t think I have ever been more excited about a television show premiere.

6. Since we totally got ripped off with good Super Bowl eats due to having the plague, we decided we will have Super Bowl eats while we watch the premiere of 24 instead.


7. How does Target do it? They consistently make the cutest things ever that look like they should appeal to a 5-year old girl, but I always end up buying everything for myself. If I wasn’t married and living on my own, my house would look like a big Lisa Frank post card with all bright and cute Target things. And the scary thing is this wouldn’t be a bad thing. Target wins at everything except credit card security (too soon?).

8. What did we think of the American Horror Story finale? Me? I thought it was okay-ish. I had a feeling who the Supreme would end up being, but it felt rushed. There wasn’t enough build-up for it being her. The first season is still my favorite.