Natalie: Three Months

Natalie Three Months

Three Months! This little love of ours is getting chunkier and more delicious by the day! At three months with Madeline, I felt like things finally started to click. I had a lot of people tell me the same that three months is when things start to fall into place. Now with Natalie being three months, things are certainly starting to feel more normal, but at the same time, every day just seems so crazy trying to balance two little ones. Madeline is definitely in her Terrible Twos and has been so whiny, tired, and so dramatic!

Natalie still sleeps pretty well at night. We’ve got a decent routine at night where after we give Maddie her bath, I sit on our bed and feed Natalie her bottle while her big sister watches Peppa. Usually by the time the show is over, Natalie is also out for the night so I can then tuck Maddie in right after. She’s usually asleep by 8:30 and wakes around 6-6:30, though she has woken up as early as 4am a couple of nights this past week. I’ll take it though! Naps are getting a bit trickier though as unlike the newborn phase, she can’t sleep through everything so we’ve been putting her upstairs away from everyone. In the mornings, she typically takes a short nap and then a long afternoon nap from about 1-5. The afternoon naps works pretty well with Maddie’s nap too because Maddie naps from 2-4 so its nice to have some quiet time in the afternoons where both girls are asleep!

The only challenge is I often feel like she needs a quick third nap to hold her over until bedtime, but because that time comes around 6pm, she doesn’t really get one because I am just getting home from work and making dinner. This often means that by 7:30, she starts getting pretty mad. I roll her into the bathroom when giving Maddie her bath and she will chill with us for a few minutes before losing it until I can finally get her ready for bed.

Natalie Three Months

Madeline is still Natalie’s favorite person (and um, this picture above just kills me of these two sweeties!). When she is awake, she has zero desire to lay down on me anymore or even face in our direction. In fact, when we try to face her towards us, she often gets mad! She just wants us to sit her up and face her outwards so she can look around at everything going around her. This is especially true at the park or pool. She just loves sitting up and looking around.

Natalie has also discovered her hands and chews on her fingers constantly. This also means she has become a serious drool factory and goes through 3 bibs a day! We are now working on getting her to roll over. She’s gone from her tummy to back a couple of times, but we need to work with her more. She’s also been trying really hard to pick up her head and sit up when I lay her back. Again, she just wants to sit up and look around!


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