Natalie Seven Months

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This update is so late, Natalie will be 8 months next week! Oops! Time is just flying by lately and this sweet girl keeps on growing and changing every week.

I’m happy to report that sleep has been a bit easier this month. We started putting her down awake for naps and then I started doing it at night and that has significantly improved everything. She would get a little mad at me when I put her down at night, but after about 5 or 10 minutes at the most, she was out. She now puts herself to sleep like a champ and has been sleeping through the night for about 10-12 hours straight. Of course, we still have a bad night here and there, but things are much better than last month! If I hear her whining at night, I try to wait a little bit before going in because she typically puts herself back to sleep. If I go in and she sees me, it really derails things and it is a lot harder to get her back to sleep. On that note though, she still is a light sleeper and so Sean and I are still not sleeping in our bedroom! I’m going to try it next week and see if it really disturbs her or not.

About a week before Natalie turned 7 months, she finally mastered crawling forwards! Now she is lightning fast all over the house. She is trying to pull herself up on everything too so I expect her to be standing up very soon! I think mastering crawling has also made a difference at night because she can move herself around her crib. She loves to follow her big sister all over the house. She also enjoys finding cords and shoes to eat. Sigh.

Eating solids is going okay. She will suck a pouch of baby food down, but she has been showing less interest in eating purees with a spoon, especially if regular food is nearby. She wants the real stuff. I have been mushing noodles or potatoes and giving that that to her and she likes it, but she still doesn’t have any teeth so it’s obviously not easy to chew things!

Here is a picture of Alice and her White Rabbit on Halloween. They were so cute together. Maddie enjoyed telling everyone that baby was “my white rabbit.”! We are loving having another little one to celebrate the holidays with us this year!

Natalie Seven Months