Natalie One Month

One Month old already! Well, actually, Natalie is almost 2 months, but I’m obviously running a bit behind on the updates! I loved sharing these monthly updates with you guys when Madeline was a baby and wanted to bring them back for Natalie. It’s nice to share our struggles with others and I always got great tips from you experienced parents out there!

In some regards, these early weeks have been easier this time around. I know the drill. There is no real routine, feed on demand, and sleeping in short bursts, etc.. Even though I am completely exhausted beyond belief, I feel like I am handling it better this time around since everything is more expected. On other hand, the most difficult adjustment is now figuring out how to manage two kids at once!

Natalie seems to have a bit of colic. It’s not the worst case, but every afternoon/evening from about 4-9pm, she is always wide awake and cranky and difficult to comfort. This has honestly been the most challenging change for us because it’s just an awful, hectic time of day to deal with it. It’s dinner time, I need to cook at least for Madeline. Then it’s Maddie’s bath time and bed time, which of course, I want to do with her, but then Natalie is always crying and cranky. Sean tries to keep her calm and get her to sleep while I put Maddie down, but it’s rough. A lot of nights, we have been eating dinner at 9pm so we can enjoy a meal in peace and quiet!

In regards to feeding, as some of you may remember, I had supply issues with Madeline. Knowing my struggles the first time around, my plan this time has been to just do the best I can, but not to beat myself up if breastfeeding didn’t work out. Natalie had fantastic latch and was nursing like a champ. During our second night at home though (which was about 5 days postpartum for me), I had been nursing on and off for hours and hours and she started getting really upset and was rooting for more and I just felt so dry and started to realize that I again wasn’t getting that “full” feeling of milk coming in. I gave her a couple of ounces of formula and she finally fell right to sleep. I let her pediatrician know of my struggles the first time around so she was diligent about us getting Natalie in for weight checks in the early weeks. She got down to 4.9 pounds shortly after birth which is kind of scary, but as soon as I started supplementing with formula, her weight started to climb.

I still nurse her, but I always have to give a bottle after because Natalie is never satisfied just from nursing. She’s also gotten quite lazy with nursing since we introduced the bottle so I’m also trying to pump a few times a day to keep up the little supply I do have. It’s weird because sometimes I can feel some fullness, but if I nurse, it’s not enough for her and when I pump, I’m lucky to get an ounce total. Very frustrating, but I’ve done my best. I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast every day and I think it helps a little so I’m going to keep that going too.

Now we are struggling with formula. Natalie gets so uncomfortable after a bottle of formula. She gets extremely gassy and scrunches up and grunts for a really long time. I’ve tried more gentler formulas, but they don’t seem to really help her so either I haven’t found the right one or this is just how she is and I’m praying she will grow out of it soon!

Natalie One Month

Madeline has been adjusting pretty well to having a baby sister. Overall, she really loves her and wants to hold her all the time and help. We got her a doll and stroller as a big sister gift and she has been having fun feeding and walking around with her baby too. She’s had a few jealous moments, but she doesn’t seem to be too bothered. It’s been a long month of adjustment for all of us. We’ve had a lot of family visit us which was wonderful! I learned the first time around to accept all the help you are offered from family and I’ve taken people up on every offer to help with holding the baby so I could nap or do some things around the house, taking Maddie out, whatever!

I think that’s pretty much it for now, stay tuned for the next update soon!