Natalie Eleven Months

I’m not sure how this is happening, but this little babe is going to one year old in less than a week and I’m just not ready!

She is sooo close to walking. She’s been taking a number of steps unassisted and then gives up, but she’s almost there and I suspect within the next week or two, she will be off on her feet. I can’t wait because the weather is warming up and we like to bring the girls to the park and Natalie gets frustrated that she can’t climb and play. Speaking of climbing though, her favorite activity currently is to play on the couch. We have a sectional and she has a blast just climbing all over it and over pillows. We’ve also signed her up for Gymboree classes so I think she will really like that too.

This little love chunk loves to eat. She takes her sweet time with eating and it often takes us a good 30 minutes to finish up meals, but she just keeps going and going. For breakfast, she loves blueberries, scrambled eggs, and blueberry waffles from TJ’s. Dinner is interesting because we typically feed the kids before we eat so I’m often making them other things and with Maddie being so picky, I worry that I am not giving her enough variety, so I’ve been prepping our meals earlier to give her some and just make veggies and other things I think she will eat, regardless of whether Maddie will also eat it or not. With the exception of pouches, we are off baby food. I’m also looking forward to dropping formula soon since it’s so expensive! With teeth, I think she has about 7-8 teeth with most of them on top and only two on the bottom! She really won’t ever let us get a good luck at her mouth so it’s not easy to tell, but she chews food pretty good.

She’s still doing pretty well with sleep, however, we’ve been experimenting with just giving her one nap a day because her second nap has been either non-existent or by the time she falls asleep, it’s well after 5pm, which is way too late! We are trying to push her morning nap back a bit so that she might sleep a while longer in the afternoons. I can tell she is really tired by 5:30-6, but her mood is still pretty good so I’ve moved up her bedtime to closer to 7:30-7:45 and that seems to be working okay. She’s still sleeping 11-12 hours a night.

Natalie Eleven Months

We had the girls’ pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and my goodness, what a mess that was! First, Maddie just seems incapable of looking at the camera. You ask her to say “cheese” and whatnot and her eyes are all over the place! And even though I scheduled the photos early in the morning thinking Natalie wouldn’t be tired yet for her nap, she spent the entire time crying and trying to crawl away. Oh well!