Maddie 3 Months

Three months! I can’t believe it. I remember during that first month feeling so frustrated and exhausted with our feeding issues and feeling like three months was so far away. Ever since Maddie was born, everyone has been telling us that things would get much easier at the three month mark. I would say for the most part, this has been true. I know we will still will have plenty of tough days ahead, but we do seem to be falling into more of a routine. So let’s get into all the deets!

This baby girl just gets cuter by the day. She’s getting all delicious and chubby! I just want to nom on her all day long! She’s becoming more playful which has been a lot of fun for us. She shows more interest in toys and books. She still doesn’t have the best grasp, but she loves holding onto little rattles or Sophie. Oh, and she pretty much wants to put everything in her mouth and is drooling like crazy! I’m wondering if maybe this is the start of teething. She has been a little extra needy, but she hasn’t necessarily been mad either so who knows!

One of the absolute best changes though is laughing! Oh goodness, I’m not sure there is a better sound in this world. She mostly laughs at me and Sean if we talk silly to her or kind of bounce her around. It kills me.

For the past week or so, Maddie has been trying to pick her head up a lot when she is laying down in her Rock and Play and she sometimes gets kind of mad. It’s almost like she wanted to sit up so we started putting her in her Bumbo and she really seems to like it. She gets tired from sitting it after about 20 minutes as it still takes some work to really hold her head and body up on her own.

Maddie 3 Months

We have been putting Maddie down to sleep much earlier over these past couple of weeks because she finally started getting really cranky if we didn’t get her down to sleep. Our new routine is to put her into her jammies and we upstairs by 8 (7:30 on the nights she needs a bath). I etry to read her a story or two if she lets me. Then we give her a bottle, swaddle her, and put her in her Rock and Play. She is usually asleep by 9 which has been really nice because it finally gives me and Sean sometime to ourselves. We can actually get through a TV show without having to pause it 100 times! She typically wakes up between 5:30-6:30 so I feed her another big bottle and then she goes back to sleep for a few more hours.

She’s starting to squirm her way out of the swaddle more often which is kind of frustrating because when I try to put her back down without it, she starts moving her arms around and rubbing her face and she wakes up so it seems like she still needs it. I’m hoping she just outgrows it in the next few weeks.

Maddie’s baptism is coming up in a few weeks and we will have a lot of people staying at the house so we plan to keep her in our room and hope to transition her to her crib once everyone has gone. I’m a little nervous about seeing how she will do having to sleep flat on her back. I also am a little uneasy about putting her down in the crib swaddled. She isn’t rolling over yet, but once she is, I feel like she shouldn’t be swaddled anymore. I would love to hear from you other parents about how and when your little ones got out of the swaddle!

Maddie is now totally out of all her newborn clothes and is wearing her 3 month sizes. I actually re-organized her dresser the other day and it was so weird packing away her newborn clothes! I’m just so glad she is growing so much and is such a healthy little girl!