Madeline: Ten Months

Please excuse the horribleness that is our ten month picture, but this girl would NOT sit still for the photo and kept wanting to rip the sticker off. Oi!!

10 Months! Double digits! What is happening?! Madeline is developing such a cute personality and it’s been so much fun. She’s been babbling a lot more and I just die of the cuteness. We’ve been trying to teach her “mama”, “baba”, “dada”, and “up”. I think she understands the meaning of certain words and has been saying “mama” and “baba”, but sometimes I think she is just making noise.

Standing! Lots of standing and walking around along tables and the couch going on around here. Oh, and the photo above of her standing in her crib was the first time she stood up in her crib, and yes, we promptly lowered the mattress afterwards! She also loves walking and pushing this walker around. Standing also gives “getting into everything” a whole new meaning. She opens any cabinet she can, stands up, and pulls things out. We’ve had to start removing some things from bookshelves and the coffee table because she grabs everything she can get her hands on! I think she will be walking unassisted in the next month. Ahhh!

Madeline: Ten Months

Foods: We have been offering her pretty much everything we eat (within reason, of course), but Maddie eats like a mouse. She’ll eat about 5 bites and then start shaking her head “no” at me when I try to give her more. Her favorite breakfast food is scrambled eggs with a little bit of cheese. For lunch, she still loves yogurt, bits of turkey and cheese, and she likes nibbling on whatever we are having. She always seems to eat the best when we eat with her. Dinners are all over the place, but I try to give her simple pastas or potatoes. She really likes my One-Pot Italian Goulash and homemade Apple Sweet Potato Soup (recipe coming soon!), but everything else she eats only a handful of bites. We are also trying to push sippy cups which is a bit of a challenge. Maddie is kind of lazy and if liquid doesn’t come out easily, she just tosses the cup aside. I’ve spent about a gazillion dollars on cups at this point.

Teeth: Still just 4, the two bottom and two top teeth.

Sleep: Not many complaints here. This girl does not want to cuddle with me before bed anymore, which I miss, but she is usually really happy about bed time and wants to go straight to her crib and put herself to sleep. It’s been a process to get to this point, but it’s been so worth it because she sleeps 11-12 straight hours most nights. If she does wake up, she often puts herself back to sleep, but if I go have to go in, it’s just for a few minutes to snuggle and then she sits up and pushes away which is her way of saying, “Mommy, put me down please!”. One thing we’ve learned is that this girl needs to stick to her schedule. It’s amazing how if just one nap is off, it throws other naps or bedtime off. She takes longer to fall asleep or wakes up more in the night, so we try hard to work around her sleep schedule, which can be a pain, but it’s what works best for her.

We are so excited for Halloween! We put up decorations last week thinking she would be excited about them, but she could care less, ha! I don’t have any big costume plans for her as she’s still too young to go trick-or-treating and it seems like every baby Halloween costume is super heavy which won’t work here in AZ, but we will come up with something cute. I’m hoping to bring her to a pumpkin patch too. I know she’s still young, but it’s going to be so fun doing these things with her!