Madeline: Nine Months

Madeline: Nine Months

Nine Months!! Every update lately is so many days overdue, but we’ve had a busy month! It seemed like as soon as we got back from Hawaii, it was time to pack up for our next trip. Maddie took her first airplane ride so we could go to Cleveland to visit my family for 10 days.

Since this was our first time traveling with a baby, I obviously had some reservations about traveling with a baby. Maddie did surprisingly well on the airplane. Most people said they didn’t even know she was on the plane since she didn’t cry. The worse part for me was that she pushing off of me the whole 4 hours trying to get down or to hit the seat in front of us so by the end, my arms were exhausted! And we are deeeeeeepppp in the mommy attachment phase so she only wanted me to hold her. I would say the worst part of airline travel with a baby is the amount of “stuff” you have to pack and drag through the airport. We had so many bags to check and then had a travel stroller and decided to gate check our car seat because we were worried it would get damaged if we checked it in. My poor husband had to drag it through the airport.

The next thing I was worried about was the 3-hour time difference. I actually decided that I wanted to try to keep her on Arizona time and for the most part, it worked out really well for us, especially at night because while Maddie goes to sleep at 7 at home, she was able to stay up until 9:30-10 there which meant we could actually go out and spend time with people at night, out to dinner, and we even caught an evening Indians game. Her naps were all pretty much at the same time they would be if we were home. The worst was that she would wake up earlier seeing that it was light out and I think she finally started adjusting to the time the last couple of nights because she was really crabby and wanted to go to bed earlier in the nights, but I think if you are doing a trip that’s about a week-long, its doable to try to stay on the same timezone!

New skills: I feel like every month I say how much more fun this gets, but it’s really true. She is learning so fast. For the longest time she was doing an army crawl, but now finally does a full crawl and she is so quick! She has also been kneeling to try to lift herself up and is trying to stand herself up. She can do it as long as she doesn’t have to reach too high up. She’s learning so fast, I think she will be walking before the end of September at this rate which is crazy!

Madeline: Nine Months

Teeth: 4! Her two top teeth are coming out now!

Feeding: So this has been all over the place. She’s finally starting to be interested in solids, but even still, she only eats a few bites. Favorites includes yogurt, chicken nuggets, cheese, and watermelon. She’s still learning how to chew and it’s a slow process, it takes forever for her to chew things and she wants to keep shoving food in her face which scares the crap out of us. She was really loving pouches, but now she’s not as interested in those either. She is always interested in whatever I’m eating though so I try to break small pieces off for her to eat. We will obviously keep working at it, but I think we are gonna be in Stage 3 foods for a while longer.

Dislikes: The vacuum cleaner. She’s also been really weird about pop-up books. She kind of laughs at first, but then has this little whine that makes it seem like she’s not happy.

Sleep: Not too many complaints here. Maddie puts herself to sleep for all naps and at night. Some nights she sleeps all the way through, sometimes she wakes up once or a few times, especially if she manages to lose all of the binkies in her crib. She typically sleeps 11-12 hours a night. Naps are usually about an hour and 15 minutes but can be as short as 30 minutes.

While I know I have said a lot of times that I can’t believe how fast this is going, I feel like it’s really hit me this month. I’ve been thinking a lot about Maddie being a newborn and there are lots of little things I miss about those times. That being said, she is becoming so much more fun and we are so excited that fall is here because of all the upcoming holidays and decorations!


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  1. Look at her stand up. We are just starting with this sit on our own phase. Oh my how the time flies.

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