Madeline: Four Months

Madeline: Four Months

This 4-month update is overdue, but we’ve had a busy two weeks with family in town for Maddie’s baptism. It was amazing to have so many of our loved ones come in from all over the country to celebrate our baby girl! She has been spoiled rotten while everyone was here

Life with this baby just gets better and better. She is so full of life and her little smiles and giggles just melt us into a big pile of goo!

Maddie weighed in at 12lbs. 14 oz. at her 4-month checkup. She’s still a little behind for her age, but for her, this growth has been perfect. A lot of her 3 month clothes are starting to get tight! She’s also getting delicious little rolls in her arms and legs. Gah, I want to eat them for breakfast!

Sleep stuff hasn’t changed too much since last month. She typically starts to get crabby shortly after 7, so we usually get her to sleep close to 8. She still wakes up for one feeding anywhere from 3:30 to 7. We are still swaddling. Our doctor thinks it’s okay, but we are still hoping she will outgrow it soon, she just still seems to need it. We still have her sleeping in our room in her Rock and Play. Now that our guests are gone and her room is freed up, we want to start trying to move her over in the next few weeks. Naps are still not a big thing for her. She usually takes about three 20-30 minute naps a day. It’s great that she sleeps so long at night, but it’s hard to get much of anything done during the day. And because she doesn’t take a lot of naps, she gets overtired and has been moaning at us a lot unless she is being held. I feel bad for Sean because sometimes she moans at him almost all day long which I know would drive me crazy!

This girl has really been loving being out and about. She is so alert and loves looking around at everything! My husband likes taking her for walks in the park near our house while I am at work and we have also been having fun taking her to some spring training games! The only bad thing is that it is starting to get really hot out and much like her mommy, sweating makes her cranky.

I know I’m a little bias, but seriously, look at this sweet girl!!

Madeline: Four Months



  1. She is cuter than ever. I love her little cheeks. I cannot wait for my own giggles. I feel like each day though you find a new thing that makes your heart melt with a little one.

  2. She is just yummy. I miss her so much, and she deserves to be spoiled. Can’t wait to come visit again

  3. Just when I thought Madeline could not get cuter… she did! They are so precious at this age… makes me want another and then I remember the sleepless nights and think it’s better for me to drool over your baby. :)

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