Madeline: Eight Months

This 8 month update is seriously overdue but our trip to Hawaii put me off schedule. So 8 months, wow, so much has been happening, especially in the last week or so since Maddie turned 8 months!

First, crawling! Actually, it’s not exactly a crawl, she kind of drags herself along instead of getting on all fours, but I think this is just going to be her version of crawling. She has gotten so quick at it in the past week. I love finding her kind of following me around the house or I will feel little hands on my feet putting my makeup on every morning and look down and there she is! So sweet. You can really tell how much she enjoys this new freedom.

She’s also really wanting to stand up so we have been helping her stand against the couch or a chair and she thinks it’s very funny and starts laughing! Just yesterday she was able to keep herself standing for a good minute or so before falling. It’s crazy how fast she is picking up on these new skills these past few weeks.

Maddie has also caught her first cold. Sean was a little sick when we got back from our Hawaii trip and she caught it. It’s not horrible, but she is pretty congested and it’s been making it pretty difficult for her to fall asleep at night and I’ve had to give some extra snuggles.

Teeth: Still 2, but she has been drooling more than ever and really chewing on things so I suspect at least another tooth is on its way soon.

Food: We are still having lots of fun trying new things! We introduced puffs a few weeks ago and she figured out how to pick those up pretty fast and now enjoys them as a snack after her afternoon nap. We have also tried eating some pancakes, but she still prefers her morning oatmeal. And just yesterday, we started giving baby yogurt and she loves it! I’m hoping to do some pasta soon which will be nice to break up all the fruits and veggies. I’m still making a lot of homemade food for her, but she really LOVES eating from the pouches.

Madeline: Eight Months

Sleep: So about a month ago, we finally reached our breaking point. She started waking up multiple times a night crying to be picked up and rocked back to sleep. And sometimes I would rock her and rock her and rock her and she would just not go back to sleep, sometimes I would rock for well over 30 minutes only to have her wake up again an hour later. So I said enough was enough and decided to try a little sleep training. We already had success putting her down awake for her naps without issue so I just started putting her down awake at night and surprisingly, she doesn’t fight me at all, she puts herself to sleep. We are still trying to deal with night wakings, but we bought a soothing toy to hook on her crib and so when she wakes up and cries, I might go in for only a second just to check that she doesn’t need anything like a diaper change, give her a kiss, and put her right back down in her crib, press her toy and leave and she almost always puts herself back to sleep. This last week with her being sick has made this a tougher week but I’m hoping we can go back to normal in a couple of days.

It so crazy how fast time is flying by, but I have to admit that while I miss certain aspects of her being a newborn, this is really a fun age. She is so playful and is developing such a sweet personality. We also love that we can put her down on the floor with some toys, and she can entertain herself long enough to do a few chores or shower. Now the fun begins with baby proofing as this girl is already getting into everything!