Holiday Gifts For Foodies

Gifts for Foodies

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought I would make a list of some of my favorite holiday gifts for foodies! Not sure about you guys, but at least half the items that are on my wishlist are cooking and blog related. I’ve scoured all of my favorite sites and compiled a list of some of my favorite things. And best of all, all of these items are $50 or less! Happy Shopping!

1. Oster FPSTBW8207-S Electric Wine-Bottle Opener, Silver:…
$20 –

This electric wine opener is the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts! It’s durable and works really well! I know this because I have given it to friends and family myself and everybody seems to love it!

 2. 3-Piece Snowflake Bowl Set in Christmas Entertaining | Crate&Barrel
$20 –

I love these bowls!! I love the big, bright snowflake print and they would be perfect for baking and serving festive treats for the holidays!

3. Santa’s Elves Cookie Mix
$12 –

Not only is this cookie mix cute and tasty, but it makes great gifts for co-workers or teachers. Crate and Barrel has a ton of other different types of baking mixes and candies that would also make great gifts on their own or in a gift basket!

4. Chanukah Salad Plates, Set of 4 | Williams-Sonoma
$40 –

Um, how awesome are those menorah salad plates?! I love the beautiful blue color! These would be perfect for anyone that throws a lot of parties and can be used for not just salads, but appetizers and desserts!

5. Winter Berry Hand Soap & Lotion | Williams-Sonoma
$40 –

Foodies do a lot of cooking and baking. This also means we do a lot of dish washing and in the colder months, this could lead to dry and chapped hands! This hand soap and lotion will keep hands clean, soft, and smelling just lovely! :)

6. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor, Brushed…
$40 – or

While this mini-food processor may not be large enough for soups, it is perfect for dips, pesto, and salsas! (um, hello brownie batter dip!!). It also comes in tons of bright and fun colors! You can get them on Amazon or Sur La Table.

7. Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker: Home & Garden
$46 –
This fondue pot is by far one of my most favorite things in my kitchen.  Hubs and I love making fondue. This pot is easy to use and clean and all you have to do is plug it in! I use it for cheese, meat, and dessert fondue!

8. Large Holiday Baker
$20 –

Us foodies can never have enough baking dishes. We love them in all shapes and sizes! Add a fun color and we love them even more!

9. Red Double Swirl Glassware
$6 –

I’m not sure about you guys, but I could always use extra wine glasses. I love these festive glasses from Pier 1!

10. Froth & Pour Hot Chocolate Pot | Williams-Sonoma
$30 –

Here’s a gift the whole family can enjoy! This awesome little pot blends, and froths hot chocolate for you and then all you have to do is stick in the microwave to heat it up!

What items are on YOUR holiday wishlist??



  1. Great ideas! Big fan of holiday bowls and plates as well as the hot chocolate. I could live off of that stuff.

  2. That hot chocolate pot is too cute! I love it!

  3. Wonderful ideas for the holidays. Loving the glasses.

  4. I love everything on that list! I’m the same way, most of the stuff in my cart on Amazon is food-related in some way :)

  5. Great list!! The hot chocolate pot and lotion is perfect for me! I want to send this to my bf haha. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. My kids are enjoying hot chocolate and I think that WS hot chocolate pot sounds fantastic! It is fun peeking someone’s gift ideas and sometimes find unique goods!

    • I really love that pot too, Nami. I don’t have it, but it looks great! My hubby and I love hot chocolate too.

  7. Those are some wonderful gifts! I think the fondue maker is my favorite… haven’t done fondue in ages. :) Hope Santa is extra generous with your this year…. I know you’ve been really nice.:)

    • I love the fondue pot, Ramona! We always pull it out for special occasions or for when we really want to indulge!

  8. These look like some great gift ideas, especially the glasses. Nothing like gifts for the kitchen-we all could use something. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  9. Great list, these would all be perfect gifts for any foodie!

  10. We get the Williams-Sonoma holiday-scented soap every year! It smells great and the lotion is great too! I love that so many of your items came from W-S…it’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven whenever I go into that store!

    • I love that soap too! I don’t have a WS near me so I haven’t gotten some yet, but I think I am going to have to place an online order!

  11. Shoot, I shouldn’t have looked…I want it all for me :) Great gift ideas!

  12. Wow, all gorgeous suggestions! I love those red swirl glasses :)

  13. What a great idea for a post! I have that mini-prep processor with a brushed stainless base (less colorful, but still pretty), and it is one of my favorite kitchen tools.

  14. Ooh, love that little hot chocolate pot! I’m kind of hoping for some quirky silverware to use for photographing stuff for the blog…

  15. Very festive, Stephanie! I love the swirl glasses – they’d be lovely for desserts as well as beverages. On my foodie wishlist: a decent mandolin slicer (Japanese), some excellent knives (again Japanese ceramic knives are supposed to be phenomenal), lunch/dinner at El Bulli or The Fat Duck, sigh!

    • Those are all great things, Hester! I would love to have a nice mandolin someday too. The one I currently have is so crappy and just doesn’t slice very well!

  16. Hi Stephanie! I came by your site last night to visit, but it was down for maintenance…now I know why! WOW! It looks AMAZING! Congratulations!

    Your gift / wish list is fantastic!

    Honey Bunny and I only spend $100 on each other each year and try to concentrate on the non-tangible items of Christmas….but this year, I want Photoshop Elements 10….and it’s under $100….and he KNOWS it’s what I want!

    • Thanks so much, Ann! I didn’t know my theme wouldn’t transfer, so I kind of had a freak out moment last night, lol! My hubs and I try not to spend a lot too, but I know what you mean! I want photoshop also!

  17. Dear Santa Stephanie,

    I’ve been an exceptionally good girl this year and feel that I am deserving of the mini food processor, the fondue pot and the hot chocolate pot. But I will take anything on this list that you are willing to deliver! I promise to have cookies waiting for you! ;- )

    Great list of ideas and your blog looks GREAT!

  18. What an excellent list of ideas! LOVE the wine opener! I need to buy a few of those :)

    • That wine opener is so great, Lizzy! It also comes in plain silver. It’s so affordable and works really well!

  19. I love the red swirl wine glasses! I can definitely always use more wine glasses and love having plates and dishes especially for the holidays :)

  20. I’ll take one of each please :) I think 95% of my wish list is kitchen stuff! That hot chocolate pot is ridiculously cute, I think I need one!

  21. I absolutely love the snowflake bowls and the red glassware… too cute!

  22. Oh, how great is this?! And all under $50… the glassware is a stunner! Snowflake bowls also very pretty. Love this post! Thanks for the ideas.

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