Gingerbread Cookie Dip

First there was Cookie Dough Dip. Then there was Brownie Batter Dip. Now, I bring your Gingerbread Cookie Dip! And as with the other dips, this dip is also made with beans!

I wasn’t quite sure how this one was gonna turn out, but it was much better than I expected! It really tastes like gingerbread cookies! I only had light brown sugar, but if you have dark brown sugar, that might make this dip a little darker and it will look more like gingerbread! I ate mine with apple slices and it was super delicious, but you can also use graham crackers, or if you want to be a little bad, cookies!

Gingerbread Cookie Dip


– 1 can navy beans, drained and rinsed

– 2/3 cup dark brown sugar

– 1/4 cup natural peanut butter

– 2 tsp. vanilla extract

– 2 tbs. molasses

– 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

– 1/2 tsp. ground ginger

– 1/4 tsp. ground cloves

– 1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg


1. Add all ingredients to a food processor and mix until smooth. I didn’t need to add any milk to this one, but if it’s too thick for you, add some skim or soy milk!

– Just like the other sweet dips I have made, you can use sugar substitutes for this, but just keep in mind that the molasses makes the sugar content higher in this dip!



  1. Stephanie! Before I developed my allergy to cinnamon, I made this! It’s AMAZING! I served it with ginger snaps (which also have cinnamon!) Thanks for sharing – yum-yum!

  2. Stephanie, I love this! I was hoping to make your brownie dip for a playdate today, but my son has been sick, so I haven’t made it yet. I think I will make this one first though! I’m pinning this!!!!

  3. I love this cinnamony dip! Thanks for sharing S! These sound super delicious! :)

  4. Erm, ah, um,

    see…speechless, It does not happen often so enjoy it. Lol! Buzzed and bookmarked lady!

  5. This is something I have never heard of before, but I am sure open to venturing to new ventures when it comes to food, nice it looks.

  6. you picked the to dippers I had in mind when I first saw the title. Yum to apple and graham cracker dippers. great recipe!

  7. I am loving the dips you are coming up with. Great idea for all the holiday gatherings. This gingerbread one with all those spices is the most creative one yet. No doubt delicious! Your suggestion of dipping an apple slice is making me crave it-bye bye to store bought caramel dip!

  8. I have yet to try a “sweet” dip with beans. I’ve really got to get on that! So healthy! Good job!

  9. Wow your food looks great. I am sure am hungry looking and reading

  10. I love all of your cookie dips, so fun and festive! This one sounds right up my alley…I’ve been on a big gingerbread kick!

  11. Wow! This look like something I’m going to try :)

  12. Ooooh, that sounds amazing, and I love that it’s bean based, too :) Great recipe!

  13. Seriously?! This is amazing, how do you come up with it!! What a great dip for apples!

  14. Slurp. I feel if this was at the same party as me, I’d grab it and finish it off in the bathroom … maybe that’s just me??

  15. The title drew me instantly. Then I saw the navy beans on the ingredients list – wow! Love it! Bookmarked!

  16. Ah I want it! And I’m really impressed that there are beans in it.

  17. Pure genius! I can’t believe how this treat is both healthy and delicious all at the same time. This will be perfect for any holiday party. Thank you!!

  18. Mmmmm…this is my kind of dip! YUM!

  19. Stephanie, what a genius idea! I love this sweet dip. Forget the graham crackers – I’m reaching for the cookies!

  20. I sense a trend! This is perfect for a holiday party.

  21. You make the most delicious sounding sweet dips! I especially love this because I can imagine the ginger would go wonderfully with pears or apples!

  22. I went crazy for a pumpkin dip and apple slices over Thanksgiving. This is definitely taking its place at Christmas! :)

  23. What a festive dip! And one that won’t go straight to the hips :) Always a bonus!!!

  24. Oh my goodness, this is right up my alley! Sounds divine.

  25. What a great idea!! Perfect for a party!

  26. I really, really want to try a cookie dip seeing as I’ve never tasted one before. This looks so scrumptious and I do enjoy gingerbread cookies, so I’m sure I’d enjoy this too. By the way, I love your new site design – gorgeous!

  27. OMG love this and love that the ingredients are pretty healthy!

  28. Now that, is one overflowing bowl of yumminess! ;) Love this idea and the apples are the perfect accompaniment… how neat with the peanut butter too – I have to try this one!

  29. How genius! You take the best desserts and bake ’em into dips. I appreciate this doesn’t have cream cheese like most dippable desserts do, as I do not like cream cheese. Sounds great!

  30. Oh my goodness! Looks so yummy!

  31. What a fantastic idea! I am hungry just looking at it.

  32. You are amazing with these dips! What an absolutely creative way to get beans into a sweet treat. :)

  33. Such a good idea. This sounds so good. It must taste amazing on apples. Yum!

  34. That looks so good. What a creative idea!!

  35. Heavenly…I’ve a bunch of honey crisp apples calling me to make this dip for them! Thanks for hooking me up with you on Google+…”loverly discovery”.

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