Easy Meatball Subs

Easy Meatball Subs

I think fall has officially started here in Phoenix. It’s actually feeling cool in the mornings and it’s wonderful! To celebrate, I spent like $50 on fall-scented candles this past weekend. Bath and Body Works is the devil, but in a totally awesome way.

A warm and toasty sandwich sounded really good. A hot and melty meatball sub really sounded delicious. I told my husband that I wanted to make them and he didn’t seem too excited about it. This is probably because I really stink at making meatballs. I feel like I can make every other Italian dish, but I just can’t master dang meatballs. My great grandmother would be so disappointed, but in my family, I think my grandma makes them the best and my mom didn’t get them down until more recently, so that must mean that I will only get better with time, right?

For now, I’m going to continue to make the easiest meatballs ever. These little guys are done in 10 minutes and are all perfectly garlicky (can you ever have too much garlic?). The subs are so quick to prepare and are warm and toasty, making them a great fall weeknight meal!

To grab the recipe, click here.

Easy Meatball Subs

Easy Meatball Subs



  1. I (stupidly) allowed my husband to put all our holiday decorations in the attic when we moved to our new place (in the middle of the summer). All my poor candles were melted when we took them down : ( Guess that means I just need to buy some more! haha I’m dying to get my hands on some fall ones!

    And these subs sound delicious!

  2. Hot, bubbly, cheesy, melty, meatball sub…who wouldn’t want this!!!

  3. $50 on candles… sounds like something I would do. :) Hee! hee! Love a good meatball sandwich.. pass one over {wishing}!

  4. Fall scented candles are my favorite. I always go overboard when I go into Yankee Candle. Next thing I know I have 4 large candles at home. It makes me so happy though so it is totally worth it.

  5. Yum!! I love a good hot fall sandwich!

  6. I myself just spent about that much on fall-scented candles last week – who can resist them!? These look fantastic!

  7. That darn B&B Works. I just spent a ton of money there too. I need this sub in my mouth now.

  8. I’m going through all your posts and now I’m starving!! I want to reach through the screen and grab this sub! And I hear ya on the candles, I’m obsessed with the pumpkin cupcake one – shocker!

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