Ok guys, I told you I just had to do one more Mexican-themed post! But, it’s Cinco de Mayo this weekend, what do you expect?!

Although I love Mexican food, it will often cost you a LOT of calories. Between all of those chips, sugary margaritas, huge portions, and tons of cheese, you can consume an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting.

I have made you a list of 10 great Cinco de Mayo recipes! And you know what the best part of this list is? These are all pretty healthy options! You can still enjoy the day with these recipes without feeling guilty the next day. And aside from the pork tacos, these are all vegetarian options! Trust me when I say that with these recipes, you will not miss all the calories!

Cinco de Mayo Skinny Recipe Roundup

(from left to right, top to bottom)
1. Easy Mexican Rice
2. Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls
3. Teedo’s Famous Salsa
4. Crazy Guacamole
5. Chili Lime Pulled Pork Tacos
6. Spicy Black Bean Enchiladas
7. Corn Salsa
8. Southwest Chicken Salad with Avocado Lime Dressing

Cinco de Mayo Skinny Recipe Roundup

9.  Skinny Raspberry Margaritas
10. Skinny Strawberry Margaritas