Berry Citrus Bread

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m so excited because today you can find me posting over at A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis! I was ecstatic when I received an email from him and I am so honored that Chef Dennis asked me to do a guest post for him!

I decided to share my recipe for Berry Citrus Bread. It’s delicious and healthful and it’s packed with fruity goodness! So please hop on over and check out my recipe and say hi to Chef Dennis!



  1. I got on the computer this morning thinking, I’m not going to do any blogging, but I’ll just pop over to foodbuzz for a second to share my last blog post. But then I saw you were Chef Dennis’ guest blogger and I was so excited that I had to go over and see your post! Congrats! I said it on his blog, but I’ll say it on yours too. I really love this bread! I’d spend the extra money on berries because this looks soooooo good. I hope you have a nice weekend and congrats again!

    • Thank you so much, Alyssa! You are too sweet. I think this breads worth the extra money, or well, at least hope you think so! :)

  2. This bread looks delicious with all the fruit… I’ll pop over there to check out the recipe. :)

  3. Bravo, Stephanie – this bread is amazing! I was SO excited to see that you were on Chef Dennis’s site today! YAY!

    • Thank you, Ann!! You ave always been so kind and supportive! I was super excited to post for Chef Dennis!

  4. Yummy and love the combo of fruits inside. Congrats for getting on Chef Dennis’s site and yes, heading over there after this.

  5. I already commented over at the guest post, but I’ll say it again – lovely recipe! :)
    And congrats! It must be awesome to do a post for Chef Dennis!

  6. I already saw and commented on this tasty creation over at Chefs blog-congrats on being chosen to guest post over there!

  7. Wow,,,congrats being chosen for guest post on chef’s dennise’s site,these bread look amazing and delicious,I love berry’s :)

  8. A bread filled with fruit is always good by me! Heading over to check out your post.

  9. Congrats!! Posting for Chef Dennis is a huge honor! The bread looks wonderful!

  10. I saw your wonderful bread over at Chef Dennis and had to stop by your site. This bread is amazing. Congrats on a such a lovely guest post. Cheers!

  11. Gorgeous bread–and congrats on your opportunity to guest post for one of the best!

  12. Beautiful bread! The berries add such a nice burst of color. You must have been happy to be chosen for Chef Dennis’s guest post!

  13. Stephanie….this bread is so pretty and colorful. I love your combo of berries with citrus! Will head over to check out your guest post now! : )

  14. Love guest post Stephanie. There is an award waiting for you at my blog :)

  15. Absolutely gorgeous bread Stephanie – I love the bursts of coloured berry and the sprinkle of oatmeal on top!

  16. Wonderful guest post, Stephanie…your bread looks DELISH!!! And congrats on the Top 9 today :)

  17. Absolutely beautiful bread! Top 9, guest posting, you’re everywhere! :) Congrats!

  18. absolutely gorgeous bread!! beeeeeeeeeeautiful recipe and plating!

  19. This bread look amazingly delicious..Love the combination of flavors! Well done and congrats on the guest post! Will check it out!!! Have a Lovely weekend!

  20. Beautiful guest post Stephanie! I hope this means you’re finally feeling better!

  21. Love the looks of this bread! Great idea with the citrus zests in there – I love the pop it gives baked goods.

  22. Congrats for guest posting over at Chef Dennis’s blog Stephanie!!! I am such a huge fan of berries and citrus that in my mind, I love almost any dessert which incorporate these berrilicious-citrusy goodness. Just love the colours in the baked bread. Blue, red …ahh pretty and a great snack for tea time too. Hugggsssss

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