A Very Merry Berry Martini

A very merry berry martini. Wow, try saying that 5 times fast! When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I’m usually just a wine kind of gal. I don’t typically like drinks that are super sweet, but sometimes, I do enjoy a nice fruity martini and yesterday called for a fruity martini! I have been working pretty hard the last month on finishing my preliminary doctoral exam paper and yesterday, I had to defend my paper in front of my committee. I’m happy to report that I passed my defense which now makes me an official doctoral candidate! Now all I have to do is finish my dissertation and I can finally be done with grad school! And of course, after a stressful defense, all I wanted to do was go home, put on pj’s, and have a drink!

A Very Merry Berry Martini

Serves 1-2


– 4 ice cubes

– 3 oz. raspberry vodka

– 1 oz. orange liqueur

– 2 oz. cranberry juice

– Optional: splash of grenadine

– Suggested Garnishes: cranberries, colored sugar for the rims of the glasses


1. Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker and shake until well-combined. Cheers!

– You can use plain cranberry juice if you want, but you could also try adding other flavor combos like cranberry pomegranate, or cranberry-apple, cranberry-strawberry juice, etc. Whatever you want!



  1. Congratulations on passing your defense…that’s huge! If anyone deserves a drink – it’s you and this one looks delish!

  2. Yummmm! This is just what I need right now! Raspberry vodka! Double yummm.

  3. I am not a big drinker, but I love mixing drinks for my girlfriends when they come over for girls night out. Can’t wait to make this for them. Amazing Berry Martini recipe

  4. Hooray for becoming a doctoral candidate! That’s a HUGE accomplishment!!! And what a delicious and GORGEOUS cocktail to help you celebrate!!!

  5. Congrats on passing your defense exam and getting so close to the end of the line on your grad studies! This brilliantly colored cocktail looks like the perfect way to celebrate, however, the beverage truly does not require a reason for me to drink it. Yum!

  6. I don’t like beer or wine but i do love sweet coctail,occasionally so,,,sure i will like this a very merry berry martini,,,I can’t say it fast after 2 time LoL,,,Btw congrats for becoming doctoral candidate !!

  7. Congrats!! This looks like a great drink for the holidays!

  8. Gorgeous! Love the floating berries :) Sounds like the perfect drink for the holidays.

  9. Congrats on your achievement and similarly, I am also a wine person though occasionally I don’t mind try others just like this merry berry martini, the color is simply amazing.

  10. Congrats!!
    This looks so good! Love the color, perfect for a holiday party!

  11. I’m a wine girl like you, but this looks delicious!

  12. Ooooo… if I had to get up in front of people and speak, I’d be a quivering mess. You deserve two or three drinks! And from the sounds of this one, it would be hard to resist that many no matter what :-D

  13. I think you definitely earned this drink! I’m usually just a wine girl too, so I totally trust your recommendation…bookmarking :)

  14. Congrats girl. Now you can chill out for a bit. This looks like a perfect start. I SO wish I was allowed alcohol right now, this looks so good.xx

  15. Congrats on your defense! Great way to celebrate the end of a long week. I don’t usually like the sweet fruity drinks either, but every once in a while, they do seem to hit the spot!

  16. I don’t drink much… but when I do.. this is my kind of cocktail! Yummy and Festive. :) Sending you a big congrats on winning your defense. Yay!! :)

  17. Steph! Congratulations on passing your defense! That is such an accomplishment! And you so deserve a martini or two or three after that! I know you’ve been working hard, and I really hope you take some time to breathe and enjoy the holidays! I love fruity martinis and this is just beautiful. I just may have to make this to celebrate you passing your defense, too! Cheers! : )

  18. Typically at this time of year when we think of drinks we think of mulled wine and ault eggnog, not really martinis. You have clearly pointed out the flaw in our reasoning with this lovely sipper. Beautiful – and seasonal color – nice addition to this years Christmas bar! A very berry Christmas to you! And congrats on passing your defense of your paper!

  19. Simply lovely! I am in a martini sort of mood as well, and yours is so festive looking with the red! Delicious!

  20. That’s awesome!! Congratulations! This looks like the perfect way to celebrate!

  21. I love the classic dirty martini, its my favorite. However, I would love to try this version!

  22. Congrats Dr Steph! You deserve a drink. I think you’ve just introduced me to my Christmas tipple. Doesn’t it look festive!

  23. Ooh, the ingredients in here are just so yummy and festive and the cranberries swirling around the perfect punctuation… lovely photos too!

  24. This looks like such a delicious and beautiful martini!

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