A very merry berry martini. Wow, try saying that 5 times fast! When it comes to alcoholic drinks, I’m usually just a wine kind of gal. I don’t typically like drinks that are super sweet, but sometimes, I do enjoy a nice fruity martini and yesterday called for a fruity martini! I have been working pretty hard the last month on finishing my preliminary doctoral exam paper and yesterday, I had to defend my paper in front of my committee. I’m happy to report that I passed my defense which now makes me an official doctoral candidate! Now all I have to do is finish my dissertation and I can finally be done with grad school! And of course, after a stressful defense, all I wanted to do was go home, put on pj’s, and have a drink!

A Very Merry Berry Martini

Serves 1-2


– 4 ice cubes

– 3 oz. raspberry vodka

– 1 oz. orange liqueur

– 2 oz. cranberry juice

– Optional: splash of grenadine

– Suggested Garnishes: cranberries, colored sugar for the rims of the glasses


1. Pour all ingredients into a martini shaker and shake until well-combined. Cheers!

– You can use plain cranberry juice if you want, but you could also try adding other flavor combos like cranberry pomegranate, or cranberry-apple, cranberry-strawberry juice, etc. Whatever you want!