40 Healthy Recipes to Make in the New Year

Do you guys like to make new year resolutions? I’m not really a resolution person, but the new year always makes me want to eat healthier due to all the holiday indulges. I’ve rounded 40 perfect recipes to help you start 2016 off right! I’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks! There are lots of options depending on your diet preferences whether your low-fat, low-carb, or trying to eat more vegetarian dishes! Honestly though, many of the recipes on this blog have a healthier twist so even more ideas, check out my recipe index!

Breakfast Collage

New Years Dinner


New Years Desserts


New Years Drinks


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  1. I’m not a resolution person either but after the holidays I definitely crave healthy foods! This is a great round-up!! Happy 2016!

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