Hi friends! How are all of you doing? Raise your hand if you are staying put at home! My kiddo is off from school for at least the next three weeks and we are all being encouraged to stay indoors. These are unprecedented and nerve-wracking times.

And to make matters worse, grocery stores around the country are being wiped clean as we all want to make sure our homes are fully stocked with enough food and supplies to last us at least a few weeks in case. Heck, you can’t even find toilet paper.

I posted a poll on my Instagram over the weekend to ask how everybody is planning to cook over the next few weeks. With less frequent grocery trips and more difficulty finding certain ingredients, things aren’t feeling so normal. For me personally, I bought my usual list of groceries and fresh produce, but I also stocked up on extra meat, snacks, pasta, and canned goods just in case we are not able to leave the house at all in the coming weeks. I think most of you have the same plan as the poll was pretty split.

So, instead of a new recipe, I thought I’d round up 25 of some of my favorite recipes that include a lot of common ingredients you likely have in your house right now. A lot of these are also great for meal prepping if you have some fresher produce that you are worried may go bad. The soup, chili, and burger recipes will freeze really well if you want to make double portions. I’ve also added in two cookie recipes and some no-bake energy because snacks and sweet stuff is also a must when we are stuck inside the house!

25 Easy Pantry and Freezer Meals

25 simple meals that you can prepare with common ingredients from your panty, fridge, and freezer. Every recipe on this list is perfect for when you are stuck at home whether it be due to weather or illness! Many of these recipes also freeze perfectly for make ahead meals! Oh, and a few easy sweet treats thrown in for good measure!

25 Easy Pantry and Freezer Meals